Person Family Pics-Edna Hays leather bound album

Karl August Persson and Charlotta Blomkvist Mjolby Sweden in Livng Room

Elmer as boy with parents and sisters Hilda and Annie or Ella
All three children came to America in the early 1900's

Elmer married Selma. This is her house back in Sweden it is believed. Or a house moving party.

My step-dad took this picture a few years ago in Sweden in the area that Roy's fanily was from according to church records

This is a family church that family records were found in

This is Elmer's wife Selma Svenson born 6/6/1884 in Blakinge, Sweden
She is holding son Lester who died young from "indigestion"
She also died relatively young
Elmer and 2 sisters
Elmer and sisters and another woman
Elmer and Butch
Elmer and chickens
Elmer in Montana
Elmer Elmer at Liberty Park Elmer
Elmer and Hilda
Elmers sisters
Roy and siblings as kids
Elmer, Roy and Donnie, Connie and Kevin(?)
Roy, Elmer and baby