Havendale building progress!
Front of the house the beginning of March with some of the siding on
Back of the house with some of the siding on
View of the porch from inside
View walking in from garage
View of living room and breakfast nook from master bedroom
View into front parlor from living room
View of upstairs nook from stair landing
Upper level bath
Belle's room walking in the door
Pics of the basement, south side of the 1st floor and the front door from the inside...
Front door from the outside...
And by Christmas there is a basement, windows, a furnace and one light! That is a great deal of progress!

The roof membrane is on! the basement can get poured tomorrow and windows can go in next week!

It took a couple of weeks but the roof is almost complete...the snow is off...but will it stay off long enough for the membrane to get on without getting wet...again...
Most of the roof is in place. Better hurry, the snow is coming!
The second level which will be split into 2 bedrooms, a bath and a nook
Of course Belle's room gets the turret..and the view!
The barn is about wrapped up before the winter, just a bit of trim and more screws
The run-in is ready for occupancy as well...winter can start now...
As soon as there is a barn a barn cat shows up...
The last panel is lifted into place!
Now the second story is complete
and the view of the back! and no panels left over! time for the roof trusses before the snow flies
Week 2 of putting up SIPs
Here's a close-up of a panel going in...
The breakfast nook with the kitchen and mudroom area to it's right...
This is the master bedroom window on the left and living room too
The main floor in progress...
The main floor panels are all in at the end of the second week...

The next day the rest of the basement level panels were put in place...now onto the interior supporting walls, then the floor trusses and base for the first floor. That be good progress for the first week!
Here we go!!! Panel one goes up, and up, it's in!
Panel 2 just slides in next to it...10 to go!
This foundation has been waiting for it's SIP panels since the end of July. Now that they are here the sill boards can be installed and final preparations made for installation...and in the afternoon we can start installing the panels.

This is the south face of the walk-out basement. Looks like we are about ready to go!
A SIP Panel has a outside skins of OSB board and an insulating core. Our SIPs use polyurethane. This panel is the doorway from the living room to the deck. The light switch boxes and electrical chases are in manufactured right in. Each panel just clicks into it's neighbor to build each floor. The joists hang from the side walls. It is like a big puzzle but each piece comes numbered and we are given the map.
Oct 6th and the SIP Panels finally arrive! The south wall basement and main floor SIPs are on-site and will start being installed tomorrow. A crew of 8 is ready to get started! the competition is on...will the house be weathered-in before the barn? keep checking back to see!
And the shed is totally red! with the doors installed it looks pretty sharp!
And within a month the barn is ready for the metal
Mid-September and the shed is almost finished. Just need to put the metal on the gable ends and
most of the front. The garage doors will be installed soon...time to start the barn!
Busy weekend on the barn! 28 poles in....19 to go, at an hour each this was a busy weekend! next weekend we should be putting up the girts...
...the house SIP panels have been delayed til Oct 8th...looks like the shed will come in first...the barn a close second and the house a distant third...
From the inside it is starting to look like a shed!
The south side of the roof went up pretty quickly!
With the girts and trusses in place we are about read for metal!
But first the east end needs insulation and wrap...ok...let's go!
While the crew has been busy up the hill we have been busy down in the barnyard. First we are starting on the shed that will be Tom's shops and extra parking.
This is about as far as the house can get until the SIP panels arrive late in September. The septic is in, the well is in, we are backfilled...we are waiting...impatiently
On Thursday they could remove the forms and the walls looked kind of pretty! Next they come to waterproof it and add the membrane. It won't stay this pretty!
Wed July 23rd the form are all up and the insulation centered in the forms ready for the pour on Thursday. This time it took 7 trucks vs the 2 it took for the footings!
Wed. July 16th they started building the forms for the footings and were ready for the pour on Thursday.
Finally-a building permit. Since the form was filled out well with all the boxes filled in and checked correctly it was completed in one day instead of the expected week!
With the building permit posted
we could break ground...
I think we need more than a shovel!
Well...that is a start!
At least equipment can get to the site and there is enough of a hole to build.
The driveway culverts were also fixed up ready for big equipment!