I'm 11 - Really! ok, closing in on 12 real fast!

Big FPS regionals the first weekend of February. In Wisconsin they do not hold a regionals but we asked the Twin Cities organizing committee if we could fill out our packet there and they said "come on over!"
The "fuzzy" dealt with the known topic of Surveillance as it could impact the
the world in 40 years. We picked our biggest problem and focused on that.

We can't say what that was as the other Wisconsin teams haven't seen it yet!
We asked to be allowed to put on an oral
presentation but not be judged with the MN
teams...too bad, we had the best score ;-)

We headed over to Zero Gravity...We had fun burning off extra energy and just having fun before heading home...what a day!
What did I want for Christmas? I needed a bow of my own! I'm signed up for Archery for 4H! Cool! and books on Rabbits and Chickens and lots of other cool stuff too...Merry Christmas!
Please...my turn?
I'll be good...for days!
What are cats thinking about the presents they got for Christmas? Thoughts from Razo and Rinn...thanks for the cool presents but...
What do I want for Christmas? to go outside!
What do I want for Christmas? the box!
In the end we will settle for a nap ;-)
Spring Valley HSMS Holiday Band and Choir Concert!

6th Grade Band

6th Grade Choir
Overall it was mostly fun and a bit scary! We played 3 pieces for band and had several choir songs as well
Our Church Christmas play was really funny...I was the Prophet Isiah...yes the one that wrote the book. If everyone had just read the book (or listened to me) they would understand what is going on over in Bethlehem. I am called in as an "expert witness" to the news broadcast and tried to explain it all to them..we had everyone laughing!
Let's play some ball! V-Ball that is! this is the 4H V-Ball tournament. We played with Elmwood and did pretty good!
In Wisconsin the Methodist church youth go to a gathering called "CONVO" which, of course, has to be held in Wisconsin Dells! how cool is that! we talked and listened to a christian rock band... and of course hit the water park. Pretty cool! Next year hopefully we stay on an extra day!
Last games of the seasons...this kid is playing tough! It's him again...and again!
Time to move this down the field! Let's get that goal!
One of these pumpkins has to be perfect! This one...and that one...and the one over there...
Now time for some raspberries...these are perfect! yummy!
Last time going to the Ren Fest this year so I invited more friends! we saw Twig right away, saw the Fire Show with Johnny (free treats!) played chess and even visited the mermaid! Full Day!
Ready for the 1st day!
The bus found me...it will take me on a new adventure!
Well the day went ok...it is especially ok when it ends with meeting up with my fall soccer team! Team Canada!
One more time at the
Ren before school! This
time we are Belly Dancers
for the Mid-East Mirage

We spent the morning at the
Gypsy Stage. We didn't see
these shows last time and thought
Fandazzi stepped it up a bit with
the fire and music! great shows!

We had a chance to race through the redone
Fairy Forest before heading off to Tuey's show.
It is nicely re-done without changing too much.
Fauna has moved her talents to the forest and
does some shows in the glade now. Nice.
Did I mention that Kailey and
Kiersten joined us this time?
We stopped for a picture with
the fairy by the bridge. It was
totally enchanting.
Both mom and I were
in the Belly Dance
competition. There were
like 12 kids! I won 3rd
and a coin belt.
Muck was in
rare form! Lady
Black attacked her with a wet
wipe! horrible!

After the Ren we picked up our cats...a brother sister pair about 2 years old. They should help with the mice "issue" and be lots of fun.
They are supposed to be barn cats...and will be...I promise dad. They just have to get used to us first!
First day at the Ren for the season. Time for the fancy dress, the Danger Committee, Uncle Johnny, a new show the science who and the oldest show...Tuey!
My friends wanted to hold a going away party...It was lots of fun and great to see everyone again! Cake, presents and games! it can't get better than that!
Much of the summer was spent playing soccer. At the end we played in the Schwans Cup. We didn't win any games but had a blast and enjoyed the ceremonies too!
Our school was invited to sing the national anthem at a Twins game! how cool is that! we all met before the game and our director led us through the whole thing....
then off to the nosebleed section to watch the game! I said no pictures mom! ok...just one with Mickey and we are outta here! we lost 9-3...better luck next time! GO TWINS!
I went to Summer Academy this year-it is a totally cool 3 week session on the topic of choice. Mine was Castles, Kings and Things. I learned a lot about old time England and Wales as my
teacher was from Wales. We built a castle, made a flag, wrote scroll and the rules for our town. There were like 20 kids in our class and all of our ideas were very unique! so cool!
We are on our way to the FPS International Competition-it is in Bloomington Indiana...this looks like it is it...wait we are still in Illinois...gotta keep going to the next state!
Now we are here!
We found the right
Bloomington and our
dorm room on campus
chillin with my roomy Lauren!
Here we are during the "oral" part of the competition. Our packet is already submitted to the judges. We determined that if men at work regarded women better they would have a better shot at promotions and be happier. I was a scientist that created a genetically modified fruit. I explained to Dane (a reported) how it worked and Kaisa (the farmer) described how she grew it. Dane brought some of it to a workplace and fed it to Christopher (a mean boss) who then said he would consider Lauren's promotion! it worked!
This is the whole team...and the piano guy statue
Here we are being silly..
There were so many cool places to pose for pictures...
Here's another cool place!
A pose with mom-thanks for coming!
This is my silly stick...like it?
This is our team and the 6th grade team...they went too!
See how good I'm eating on the trip?
I am so busted!!!
The U has a pool! SWEET!!!
On the last night we hit the dance...it was pretty fun! I was learning to line dance!
This is the plaque we get to bring home-cool!
The ride home was getting too long and we got too silly!
Mom found a good movie at the truck stop! a lifesaver, truly
The Flint Hills Childrens Festival at Rice Park in St Paul is always a blast! It is better when you bring a friend like Kaily! We saw a cool show and hung out for the morning...
Final field trip of the year and mom could chaperone! these are the pictures mom took but I took over 300 on my IPod as well!
The sculptures and pictures were pretty cool but I can't believe how many are of naked people! really couldn't they find clothes?
After the Art Institute we had an hour at the sculpture garden where we mostly horsed around but in a really art appreciative way ;-0
First tournament...mostly I played defense and we have a lot to work on but we have all summer to work on it. It felt great to be out on the field again! Go team!
This is about the last archery session...get ready, aim, shoot! pretty good, huh?
Finally the snow is off the field and we can practice outside!
Just a week until we are in a tournament! better get tuned up!
And this is the team that does it! Rice Lake Team 125 wins 1st place at State FPS - Great Going!
Well played Belle, Lauren, Christopher and Dane!!! true Future Problem Solvers!! going international in June!
Packets were started at about 8:30 AM, the team was ready and started writing. The team has to read their "future scene" or fuzzy that is a scenario or short story about one page long that is set in the future. In the story there are several potential issues dealing with the main subject. The subject being studied for the state competion is "ocean soup" - the collection of plastic waste that is accumulating in the various oceans. The Pacific Gyre is about twice the size of Texas so this is a big issue to study, understand and conquer. After identifying 16 problems in the story the team picks one underlying problem. From here the team identifies 16 potential solutions. They develop criteria to determine the best solution. Once the solution is picked they detail an action plan. All this information is written into a packet that is about 20 pages of handwritten material. This packet is turned in at about 1 and attention turns to the oral part of the competition. Each team finds a way to present their solution to an audience using simple costumes and props that they build from material like syran wrap and popsicle sticks! They present a several minute presentation to the judges and audience. The solution proposed by Belle's team was using a magnet developed to just attract small pastic particles and moving it around the ocean with helicopters! Great idea kids! why didn't we think of that!!!