I've made it to 12! days are counting down until I'm a teenager!
And that wraps up the year...The 13th birthday was spent at Volleyball practice with quick take-out (and a birthday pie) as dessert. When the house is done and things settle down we will party!

Wow! Just more than two years...
They went on February 19th 2013 and came off March 17th 2015

Picture above is when they were put on...to the right is right before they came off and a half hour later when her teeth were free!

She is done! Others at school are just starting...she is so glad to have
this behind her..the dentist even gave her a bag of caramel corn!
what a great guy!

At the Peterson Christmas the poker chips came out and I got to sit at the "big kids" table...I came out ahead but how am I supposed to beat uncle Wayne's 4 jack hand...really!
Fall V-Ball really stepped it up a notch! daily practice and games up to 3X's a week!
Fall is soccer season...I like my team this fall...we play well together...
but don't leave me alone when I'm goalie...defense? defense anyone? dang!
Finally time for the fair! Lola and MoJo are SO ready!
Each of them had some time with the judge...
They both got blue ribbons, then Lola won champion for Holland Lops and later Reserve Champion overall! there were over 100 entries! Way to go Lola!
Most of the summer has been about planning to build and finally building-Yeah! foundation is IN!!
Really...I'm not eating them!
This one has a bug!
OK..I'm caught redhanded!
Spring Valley hosted the V-Ball Tournament this weekend! We won half our games, I got most of my serves over a good day!
FPS Wisconsin State competition! This is our banner...we each had a square
It was a lot of work but we had some fun too...
I won a bag right away in the drawings on the first day, we also listened to people read their scenarios and were in the "zippy challenge" where we quickly find a solution to a problem with 4 kids from other teams, on Friday we had a little bit of time to hang out so checked out the train then went to the "momento swap" to mingle with other teams. It was fun! we did well on our packet but didn't qualify for internationals...watch out next year!
My birthday was on a Sunday and mom suggested we run to the cities shopping after church...so we ran up to Maplewood Mall when she said we should try the pizza buffet at Pizza Ranch...really mom? that was so lame. I had her figured out right away...buddies from my old school were there and we had a great time catching up, eating pizza, DQ cake, presents! I love birthdays!
Then we checked out the place with bunnies...I picked out a boy and girl. See you in May when you are ready to wean!