Watch out! it's the teen years!
Well that about wraps up the year...just one more party and I am ready to be 14!
The solo ensemble event is a big deal! I played a solo on my flute as well as singing with a group, a duet and a latin! all this and a new hairstyle too!
FPS regionals in February were fun, we decided the antartic refugee center should be built with a honeycomb structure, built with compressed snow, should be expandable as required to meet global needs
Christmas day...and it looks like we all got what we wanted
Christmas comes before you know it! I played a solo for the Childrens service, did a reading and was in the play as well
Here it goes! the last middle school Christmas Concert!
First party at the new house! every year someone hosts the halloween party...this year it is me! complete with a dog mascot!

One last ride at the Eau Galle park...
Just because school starts doesn't mean that summer ends...back to the Ren in my new outfit made out of my old outfit
Promise bus pictures!
Seriously! I'm in 8th grade!
At the 2nd week of "The Ren" we saw more shows, visited the fairy forest, and I won the Jr Div of the Belly Dance Competition (and won $!) and then we visited with our favorite Lady
We made it to the first weekend of the Ren Fest and saw our favorite shows, picked a favorite hat and caught up with our favorite fairy!
Finally it is "Fair Time"! a whirlwind week starting with Archery. signing in all the photos and art, on to the bunnies and the horse...whew...the last day we work the fair booth and then it is done...
The next morning we headed into South Dakota and made it as far as the Capitol with my old friend Summer and new friend Ellie, the next morning we went through the badlands and Custer

We worked and stayed at Storm Mountain UMC camp. We worked hard and we played hard. We split wood, stained siding, moved slash piles and played giant Jenga, V-ball and visited Mt Rushmore and the Mammoth Site. The first few days a crew from Minot ND was also there and we had some help from them and the last few days a group of travelling repair workers called the Nomads were there to help. We usually worked a half day and had an activity in the afternoon. Most nights we did a group activity like a camp fire or playing our favorite game "werewolf". Hopefully we come back soon...
The first day of our "Dakota Adventure" we spent with Lauren C at the Bunker Beach water park...then a sleepover
I started MoJo in rabbit agility this summer...the first session he just wanted to lay on the poles and not jump them! pretty soon he caught on and we had a lot of fun! smart bunny!
During the summer I practiced archery at the range and at it...I'm getting better!
By the end of May we had found "Dallas" which we decided to call her by one of her registered names. "Dallas". She is a sweetie and has a "hands-free" trail ride feature! love it!

Spring Volley Ball is different than fall...we don't practice every night and only have tournaments on the weekends....I like it more and more
The big spring concert is in April.

Both the band and choir had an excellent program