And, once I was 14 this is what I did...
Spring Break 2017 - The Spring Valley Marching Band storms Washington DC!
On the drive in Gettysburg
Side trip to Mount Vernon
in Washington DC, Iwo Jima
Arlington, Tomb of Unknown
Washington DC
Jefferson Monument
Smithsonian - Museums of Natural History and Air and Space The state capital was very impressive
Solo Ensembles, solo and duet choir
A last second picture for the card...
the stage is set...
let the presents begin!
Cousins came for Christmas
and the cat observed...
The Christmas play was very funny this year starring Dana as God, Anna as Gabriel, Sam as Joseph and Silvie as Mary, I was a wise man and narrator
In early December our 4H club joined up with 2 others for the v-ball tournaments...we did really well! we won all our games but came in 2nd
In November our Confirmation class was in charge of the entire service...
Our Fall Concert was live-streamed...we are stars!
And, here comes my serve, take that!
Let's play!
Good game!
We marched in several parades like this one in Glenwood City...we even marched at the state fair!
Finally we make it to the Renaissance Festival! Brianna came along to play pirate! This will likely be my last picture with Twig as she isn't coming to Minnsota after this season...I'll miss your magic!
Really mom? 1st day of school pictures? ok, the bus is here, please go now!
VBall game on the 1st day of school! long day!
Our first 4H meeting had the "butterfly lady" pretty cool! she raises and releases monarchs
I showed Lena in halter but she wouldn't trot! then acted up in pleasure as her leg hurt so we cut out....
Then Mojo and I did the agility class...he did well!
Mojo did well in his class, we got a blue! and even though Lola is too big for her breed he still liked her and we got a red!
Have the stall all ready! bring on the horse!
and the pirate outfit is ready! yay!
The fair is about to start...have to get the archery shoot done before the pigs move into the barn or we will have a bar-b-cue! I did pretty good! ended up the top blue!
I just got home before I took off camping with the church youth...interstate park is almost as cool as Yosemite and we learned some new camping recipes! yum!
In June we took our first family trip since we moved to Wisconsin...I wanted to see "big trees" so we headed to California...San Fran...Sequoi and Yosemite...
Spring volleyball is fun and different than fall as you play in weekend tournaments! Serve, bump, set, spike!

We made it to the State FPD competition! we skipped out of school starting Thursday afternoon and headed over to Green Lake.

To help prepare we spent the day at 3M with 40 kids from my old school over in Minnesota talking about how 3M is preparing their workplace and workers for the future.

We had studied "the Global Workplace" and had fun with kids from all over the state that had also qualified.

It was a fun weekend but very busy!