Peterson family trip 2016...the first one in a long time! ;-0 San Francisco and we come!
The Fresno Zoo is a small one but very nice and the animals were so happy even though it was like 115 degrees! we stayed in the shade and the cool spot by the seals...
Then to the airport...where, yes! they have wifi! I'm saved!
The second day at Yosemite we stayed in the upper trails! as you can tell the perspective is a bit different!so is the altitude!
Yosemite Falls was a must see as was Glacier Point and not too hard to find! they were front and center. We also climbed most of mist falls and other trails you could get to in the valley. The wildlife was very friendly and, well, not very leary of people!
We had to say "hi" to the biggest tree in the world, General Grant, hi! the trees are simply amazing.
Next we headed inland and visited the Sequoi National Forest. We climbed to Moro Rock to check out the view...just to be checked out by the lizards!
The next morning we went to Monterey Bay Aquarium
It was cool to learn more about the bay and the tidal pools we had just visited the day before
In the afternoon we headed to Purisima Creek Redwoods. Very tall trees and just as we got there a naturalist was starting a tour, we joined in and learned so much about "redwood families"
like very rarely do they start from seeds...instead they start from shoots set under ground, which is why they grow in circular families and they can't really burn down!
The morning of day 2 was spent at Half Moon Bay. We only saw a couple of anenome and a few seals but there were lots of crabs!
on Day 1 of our trip to San Franscisco we took the "big bus" tour and made several stops like the famous red bridge, alamo and the Palace of Fine Arts
Well here we are in California...way on the west coast, in Pacifica on the South side of San Francisco. It's been a long day, we'll just wak the beach and turn in early...big plans tomorrow!