I've made it to 15...what's next?!
First clinic of the year for 4H horse, we had an hour and a half for Showmanship and over an hour for western riding too
Final concert of the year! Stella was my partner in one song. There were songs from Grease, Beauty of the Beast and other popular plays and movies for choir and band
The bunnies are ready to wean! we bought them at the same place as we had gotten Mojo and they have some of the same bloodlines. The doe is Tan and white or a "broken xx" she is named Duststorm. The buck is a "broken otter" color and I am still thinking aout the right name for him
The whole class! Thomas, Amy, Jackson, Joey, Anna, Alex, Silvie, Elijah, Grace, Belle, Sue and Bill
Just me & Amy

We recently got my great-great grandmothers psalm book that she brought with her from Sweden

Our class was responsible for the entire service, I led a group prayer

Even dad came to church! Grandpa too!

Big milestone! we've been meeting on Wednesday nights since last fall. We've learned a lot about each other, ourselves and the church. Now I am a full member and can even sing in the choir!

Emma and I went to state this year, she qualified for Individual and I was in a magic team, our skit took 2nd place! about "building a wall" , a firewall to protect from identity theft, a Trump parody!
Choir trip to the Orpheum to see Wicked...wow what a show!