The "Slumber-Party" Weekend
I went to a "slumber-party" at my aunt Cheryl's (uncle Paul was there too). Reese and Alexis stayed with us. We watched movies and played in the snow!
It was really nice on Sunday so we went down to play at Sammy's
Daddy traced around me with sidewalk chalk-
Sammy gave me a few minutes "at the wheel"
I sat still long enough for a family shot
Has it really only been a week? it's February now

At the mall (Maplewood) they have a beautiful carousel. I always ride the black horse...


My hair is so unmanageable sometimes!


Friends of my mommy went on a trip and brought
home a baby that didn't have a mommy and daddy
Now she will have a mommy, daddy and sister!
Going a visiting!

This weekend we went to visit Grandma!

She gave me a pretty pink dress!

I played with the snowmen too!
We finally got some snow! I was sick yesterday but feel pretty good today!

I helped poppa feed the birds-

he says "feed 'em, and they shall come"...they did!

I snuck up on poppa and got him good!
Gymnastics Lessons started on January 8th*
First I practiced on the little balance beam but I used the big ones too! and I practiced on the little bar...
Then the teacher showed me how to do
a flip on the big bar!
At the end we all played under the parachute!
Yeah another "Christmas" on New Year's Day...three weeks of Christmas?

Thanks Auntie Debbie!

And Aunt Amy!

Peterson Christmas-Dec 18

I reminded Santa that I want new Pajamas

I wonder what mommy and daddy asked for?

I got lots of presents

These are some of my cousins, David, Jadon (me) and AJ-we had tons of fun!
Santa visits School!
Santa was really nice!
He gave me a doll!
So I stopped back and said thanks

Thanksgiving Weekend! THERE IS SNOW!!!

Isn't she cute? so deceiving!

she aims!

she fires!


On Friday I practiced for Halloween at school. I dressed up like a cowboy!

We walked all over Guidant (where daddy works) and people put candy in my bucket. I think this will be my favorite holiday! Think-this was only the practice run....can't wait...

Finally the big day arrives

I let my friend Sammy be the cowboy tonight and I was his horse. It was a little chilly but I wanted to keep going as long as people were still putting candy in my bucket!

Getting ready for Halloween!

Tonight we carved the pumpkins that we bought at that pumpkin place.

I thought it was going to be fun- but the inside of a pumpkin isn't what you would think! It is gooey and slimy in there!

It was a little better when mommy got all that gunk out. Then we drew faces on them.

I played on my computer for awhile and when I was done momma had carved these faces into them. They are a little scarey!

We visited the Berry Hill Farm in Anoka...
They had some BIG pumpkins! These were bigger than I am! They also had a corn maze that was real fun and a wagon ride!
Otter Creek Horse Weekend! Yeah-we got to watch horsies jump all weekend!
A wood carver made this funny bear to sit on! there is also a bench on the jumping course to sit on-It has my name on it!
The Zinnia's that daddy planted are taller than me now!!! I can hide in!
Grandma's Birthday is tomorrow (August 30th) so we all stopped in for a visit! Afterwards I rode my new bike!
August 14th we visit Como Zoo!

How do we get there again? I "help" allot in the back seat...Sparky did a great show and eats fish! The Giraffes are new!

Daddy even liked the Giraffes-most of the real animals were sleeping-the best part was riding the Carousel!
Kit visits me at school!!! how did he get out and find me here!! has the trailer out again!
I showed all my friends how to pet and brush a pony. Then they all brushed him too. After that I showed them how to ride.
We checked out the Anoka County Fair on July 31st...
it is a really small fair but had ducks, bunnies, pigs, goats, cows and stuff you're not supposed to step in...
We visited Uncle Glen's house today (July 25)...
I guess these are my "relatives" not sure what that means but the food was good and there were toys anand bubbles...I guess relatives are all right!

I played with my cousins David and Jadon. We were catching bubbles. Uncle Paul said that you had to have your "bubble guard" that true?
Kit arrived today (Sat, July 17th) I think he is pretty nice...I will get to ride him tonight


Sometimes cousin Dalton comes to visit!

Does pudding double as a face cream?
Memorial Day Weekend...and it continues to rain!

I don't know..I kind of like mud!

I have new my feet don't get wet!

Now I can play outside, with the ducks!
Otter Creek Horse Trial Weekend (May 22-23)...let it rain...let it rain...let it rain!!!

Really? I can walk in the water?

It's not very deep...and no fish

To get in you have to jump over the log...

Mom calls it a "water obstacle"...they decorate it with ducks that stay still when I touch them!

I'm checking the footing for the older kids who are afraid to get wet...footing is even and holding firm!

Looks like my work here is done... I have dry socks somewhere?
Mother's Day Weekend  
I spent extra time with Mommy this weekend
...we took a picture together!
She does silly things sometimes!
Cousin Dalton came to stay overnight-then we had brunch with him (he gets his money's worth out of a buffet!), his mommy and daddy (Aunt Elaina, Uncle Jay) Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Deb and Tim
For the mother's day fashion show at pre-school I signed up in the "sports" category!
Do I look ready? Is my helmet crooked?!
I modeled my red huntmaster sweater, taupe breeches, red riding boots and British Approved black velvet helmet. I showed it all off!
In the sports category I was surprised that I was the only one "ready to ride"...there were also gymnasts, hockey players and sufers...
The Weekend after Easter...The big EGG HUNT!!!

I'm on the move! There has to be more eggs out there!

You had to act fast! the older kids knew where all the tough eggs were!
The next weekend it was nicer out-so we invited friends over for an egghunt!
On Easter I wore an especially pretty dress..and found eggs all over church! Mom says that this is just the warmup egg hunt!
Dalton's 1st Birthday and Isabelle's 2nd
They said if I blow this out I get to eat the cake!
Banana!!! Boy is this good!
I wonder if there is more..hmm..mommy!
I get some chocolate cake...
I'm in a hurry...there are presents next!
Thanks Gramma and Grampa!
I can spin and play music!
Vroom...a push car...faster mommy!!!
At home we set up the piano from Gramma
and Grampa, I started out singing with Poppa...
But really I'm a solo act
On Palm Sunday I wore the pretty dress and hat from Elaina, Jay and Dalton to church!
I guess that is it! must be naptime...bye everyone...
thanks for visiting our birthday page!