Sleepover with Lauren! we had great fun and went to Maplewood Mall to meet up with mom
You keeping up back there?
Cocoa's going as fast as she can!
Can we go again?
Playing Princess on a cold day in February!
I'm practicing being a Princess!
I'm ready for Disneyworld today!
Can I go now? can I?
Swim Class on Wednesday nights!
Hi Mom! I'm in swim class!
Don't tell them that I can swim...ok?
I like to come and play with the toys!
It's New Years Eve...must be time for more presents!
I'm not quite sure what it is...
but is pink! so I like it!
A White Dress! Finally my
wedding dress!
I love it! I love it!
Can I put it on? Really?
Thank you Grandma!
I love it, I love it, I love it!
Cousin Dalton likes the bears!
I had to chase him a long time before he would take a picture
My baby cousin Karlyssa will be fun...
maybe when she is 3!
We visit my Great Aunt Marie we went out for lunch and then stopped to visit at her place...
I brought some games and books but by
far the most fun was this cool chair!
It's better than a ride at the fair!
Aunt Marie gives great hugs!
She has coloring books and other fun
stuff to play with too. I like the chair the best!
A few days later we finally got a good dump of snow! Papa made a snowman!
Lauren came over to play and I finally got to try
out my snow block maker that I got for
Christmas and we made this fort!
SANTA CAME! SANTA CAME! he took the cookies and drank the milk but left me presents!
Santa came last night-guess his auditors were pretty
understanding on that "being good stuff"
Aunt Debbie is visiting my new cousin in Hawai but left Cinderella and Prince Charming in Minnesota for my Christmas present! THANKS!

They fit nicely into the carriage and have taken
many tours around the house today.

It is finally Christmas! well close enough to start opening presents!
This is tough!
All right! I have the hang of it now!
These are great!
How did you guess I like Pink?
Santa came to visit school! I told him everything I want!
He's going to do what he can!
Ice Skating!
This doesn't seem too bad!
Wait! This is slippery!
I'm getting the hang of it now!
Last tumbling class!
I like the beam!
The other stuff is cool too...
The wedge makes somersaults easy
I got a medal and everything!
Final leaf raking time!
Dad and I raked all these leaves yesterday!
Can we keep them mom?
No, really...I want to keep them!
Halloween is finally here!
We carved a Cinderella and Kitty pumpkin...I'm a princess too!

I'm Cinderella but I carried
the pumpkin instead of it
carrying me!
Mom's right-the glass slipper theory wouldn't have worked out pounding the pavement!
My Friend Lauren comes to visit

We are off in search of the best and biggest pumpkin...hurry mom!

It's around here somewhere!

Got it! Wait-I might not like big pumpkins after all!

Lauren says "I'm glad I went with a small one! this is slimy and yucky!"

We are going to practice trick or treating at the Como Zoo Boo. We are princesses but we share one prince.

Which way to the candy?
There should be lots and lots of candy!

My bag still has room?
How about yours?
Off visiting the campers
My cousin AJ was camping up at
Father Hennepin State Park by Mil Lac
There were lots of other kids to play
with too! This was one of the playgrounds.
I walked but cousin AJ took his 2 wheeled bike to the second playground
Along the way we stopped to skip
stones. The big ones don't work as well.
Mom and I climbed this big rock!
There were a lot of rocks at this park-and water!
Dad helped with the scooter.

Uncle Glen took the fish I caught off
the line and put it back in the water.

Auntie Coleen has the best lap! Both AJ
and I climbed on before the day was done
Renaissance Festival
The elephant was too tall! so
I didn't want to ride up there!
So was the camel!
I'll stay on the ground...thanks...
The fairy was nice and gave me a
fairy stone!
There was a nifty play cottage in the
children's realm.
We took a walk through the en- chanted forest and saw fairy houses
The jousting knights rode big horses! and stopped to pay homage to the queen. Long live the queen! We
cheered that a lot and god save the king!
We were cheering for Sir Robert. He is on the far
left. He was the good guy. He rode a clydesdale
and put on his armour before the joust.
In the first charge he was jousted off his
horse and his joust shattered! He landed in
a heap but soon grabbed his sword...
They finished off with a sword fight. But then they hugged and bowed. This place is strange!
Cousin Jadon's birthday party
Cousin Jadon's Birthday party was
fun. His favorite color is orange
even though the best color in the
world is pink...and then purple
We gave him a "Bob the Builder Toy". I would have rather had a princess but he seemed happy enough with it. He got tons of other cool presents too!
They had cool toys to play with there like this little 4-wheeler that belongs
to Riley. She was the only other
girl there and let me play with it too.
We took a short pause for a picture.
Riley is sitting in front of me. Jadon is next to
me and cousin David is holding the baby. The
other two boys are friends of David and Jadon's.
My best friend Lauren meets Goldie
First Lauren rode Goldie...
then it was my turn
we took a break for a nature hunt
time to head home!
we had fun in the haymow too!
Trott Brook Horse Trials 2005
It was a pretty tough class!
I showed mainly at the walk
we anxiously awaited the judges ruling
I won the "golden pony" award
I show Mom and Aunt Debbie the State Fair!
We took a shuttle bus to the fair!
My first bus ride ever!
We went to the little hands farm.
I did chores and earned an apple!
I guess this Charlie kid was
a farmer too!
The little piggies were cute! Imagine
what mom would do if I had 8 sisters!
Hey little guy-what are you
doing here?
The butterfly tent is the best!
This one is very friendly but tickles!
When it opens up it is a brilliant blue!
This girl really likes butterflies!
Take time to smell the flowers!
Slow down...
stop to smell the flowers sometimes!
When I slow down mom can braid my hair!
Time for a ride!
Got my halter...
my lead...WHERE'S THE PONY?!
Found the pony!
Bye-we are off for a ride! Hi-Ho Goldilocks!
Goldilocks Arrives!

Goldilocks came really late last night-she came from a place far away called South Dakota...she is a palomino!

I showed her the pen we fixed up

and introduced her to her new friends...

I hope they all get along ok! See you later Goldie...
Lake Calhoun-Aquatennial Sand Castles and Boat Race
I picked up a new smile from
this "sand shark" it?
There were some actual sand castles...but most people carved other things like this entire train! With a track! I need my shovel and pail!
The milk carton boat race was funny. Some tipped over before they even got to us. Afterwards they were smushed...I cried because I wanted to ride in it!
A visit at Auntie Coleen's and Uncle Glen's
Auntie Coleen gave me a water fun set...I decided to try it out ASAP
Cousin AJ was there so we played in the little
lawn pool to stay cool
Then we headed out to the lake and the sandbar
Auntie Coleen cuddled me all
the way home-that lake is cold!
We always visit Aunt Marie on July 4th...she lives at a new place that is really nice!
Our castle was the best ever! We later added a moat... needed some water
Lauren visits again!
Lauren meets John Deere...they got along just fine!
Then we went to Chuck E Cheese! Games and pizza-a winning combo!
In the A.M. we picked berries
Then we ran over to Willow River State Park.
After swimming we walked to the dam!
We had dinner by the campfire and learned we like s'mores!
I finally got to wear my new "Princess Dress" to church! I've tried it on about every day this week since it came!
We went to Snail Lake park. There is good swimming at the beach, plenty of room for a picnic and even a place to fish. We didn't catch any fish but gave lots of worms baths. Why do they need baths?
Poppa helped me build the first sand
castle of the season.
After building a whole row of castle pillars I stomped
on them when poppa turned around for more material. No more sand
Finally the big weekend! Lauren gets to stay over at MY house!
Come on Lauren...I told you the white horse is
the nice one! Come over here Phantom!
Even Lauren likes Phantom!
We both like popcorn and "The Lion King"
We went to Como Park earlier and saw real lions!
It's Sunday morning! It's way too early to be up!
OK-we're over that ready for church? I'm ready.
OK Mommy...move this car! We're ready!
Lauren did all the cooking while I talked on the phone.
They are always looking for summer music volunteers.
I think with a little bit more practice we will be great!
After church we went swimming and had pizza!
I had a great time. Can we do it again mommy?
Final Dance Class...
We practiced a dance- it is called "the chicken dance"..I do it pretty good too!
It ends with a little kick move like this...everyone clapped so I think
we did really good!
My teacher is really nice. She was helping me with a new turn move that so you don't get as dizzy. What point is going in circles if you don't get dizzy?
After class I like to practice my beam moves on the
window ledge. This makes poppa nervous...

Cousin David's Birthday Party!

My cousin David is five years old!
I wish I was five years old. When
you are five years old you get to
ride on a school bus. I can't wait
to ride on a school bus!

It wasn't very warm out but we had
a cook out. I played hide and seek
and other games.

He got a John Deere Gator for
his birthday. He really likes it and
drove it around and around...
really fast! I decided not to ride
with him until he has more practice.

First sleep-over at Lauren's house...

.I stayed overnight at my best
friend's house. We went to a
playground called "Eagle's Nest"
in the morning.

After that she went to dance class with me.

We had fun. In a couple of weeks maybe she can come stay at my house. Please mommy....please?

Grandma came up for lunch on
Mother's day.
The flowers are finally blooming...
I've been watching them every day!
I like says we will
have lots of them this year!
Mothers Day Fashion Show
Ok-I think I'm all ready. I'm in the Sleepwear Category. I've agreed to carry the bunny (under protest) but WON'T carry the book!
When the chair to your right is empty I think it means your turn is next..
I'm ready for the big walk...
I think I look great in my
"sleep resistant" PJs. Still not crazy about the bunny business.
For the final review on the catwalk I teamed up with my friend Lauren. I think we would make a good sleepover team!

Now there are babies at our school too!

Some of my friends come from different places around the world. For the fashion show some of them wore clothes their grandmothers had sent them. I thought they were pretty cool. My grandma is from Wisconsin. I like the dresses she sends me too.

After the show we ate the cookies we had decorated and hung around with our buddies. My friend Lauren is pretty silly sometimes!
Dance Class
Dance class is fun and all the girls wear cute dance dresses and dance slippers. We dance to a lot of types of music. I like my teacher, she's pretty.
It was really nice out on Sunday-we went to the big Zoo!
We saw Gazelles
I pretended I was a chicken
The prairie dogs are silly!