My long-awaited birthday finally came on Thursday March 30th. I had cupcakes in school and the bell choir at church surprised me with an original composition of Happy Birthday and a Cinderella surprise cake. It was great. But the biggest surprise of all came on Saturday when dad told me to go upstairs after my tumbling class to see if there was anything interesting down the hallways...there had never been anything interesting down the hallways before....
There was a dark room...but when I walked in the lights came on and a bunch of my friends and family said "surprise"
Everyone took a turn at "pin the tail on Eeyore". I was kind of confused as to where a tail belongs...but so was everyone. Aunt Deb (who had Dalton helping) got really close. Can you really have someone tell you where to put it? I'm still checking on year we are going to have rules...and age limits.
We all took turns mugging for the camera and by then we were hungry for cake and ice cream...yummy!
Things can get kind of crazy when it is time to unwrap presents...I got lots of cool things!

I had a great time! A big thank you to Lauren, Rachelle, Isabella, Dalton, Sammy and David (my close and personal friends) for helping make it so special!

A big thanks to all the adults that came too...afterall without moms and dads, who would drive us around to all these crazy things!

Big thanks too to Aunt Deb and Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. It was a great party!

Let's do it again next year!