Watch out world! Belle is four and can do almost anything!
I'm Five now already-Go to my Birthday Page!
  In mid-March we went to the Kindergarten round up. This is where I am going to go to kindgergarten.

There are lots of things to play with-kind of like my school now! But they had some new things like magnifying glasses!

It seemed ok-but mostly I just want to ride the bus!
Snow caves are great...
but snow tunnels are better!
I came in over there and out over here!
Dad is a great snow castle builder!
Snow is so much fun! we
can make forts!
Lauren and I can run around
in it and play!
Come on could
you not like snow?!

I've had a few skating lessons. Mom says I skate better than her now! Poppa skates quite a bit and can do about everything. I still fall down some but that is ok because someone helps me back up again.

I can push and glide to go fast-like flying! We play games too and have a lot of fun.

This is my first dance!
They call it a "sock hop"
cuz you don't have to wear shoes!
Ava and I went to the capitol,
the ceiling is really cool!
There are stairs everywhere, up and down!
From up here you can see down there!
Down there I could see up here-
Ok-time to
head home!
We finally got snow and
are heading to the hill!
It was quite a climb but
it is all worth it!
Aunt Debbie knows what a little girl really needs! Princess Genevieve is
one of the 12 dancing princesses! and has her own vanity set!
Grandma knows what I like too! Stuff for my vanity set!
Cousin Karlyssa is bigger every-
time I see her! Dalton was there too!
Grandma wanted a good look at the
beauty set she gave me! THANKS!
SANTA CAME! He DID! For REAL! This is the biggest present! How did he know!? He is magic! He even put stuff in my stocking! Thanks Santa, I really was good!
Christmas was great at Uncle Glens and Aunt Coleens. Santa found me and my cousins there and read us a book...I wonder what is in the bag?
In the bag he had presents for all
of us! Even some of adults were good
enough this year to get presents!
He said we had better be sleeping
when he came to our house the next
night that is why he stopped by.
After that we all opened presents. My aunts, uncles and cousins also gave me gifts. It was a fun day! Thanks Everyone!
The Sunday after we ate all the turkey at Aunt Debs we went to visit Grandma. She showed me a new way to play with dominos!
I've been taking swimming lessons too! I could live in the water if mom and dad would let me! I can pretty much swim on my own and have fun with the other kids.
A couple of days before Thanksgiving we went to visit my cousins in Wisconsin.
David and Jadon are growing just like me and have a fun play station and new brother Will!
In tumbling class we always start out by stretching-
this is the straddle position-
then we work on the equipment like the beam.
This was the last class-I graduated and got a medal and a certificate!
I'm a "Sky-Dancer Princess"-When people see me they can't help but give me candy! Some of my friends were fairies and princesses too.
At Guidant it was warm but at night I had to bundle up!
I know that I have a friend around here somewhere?! There's Sammy! Leaves are great to jump in...but after awhile you need to run for the rake again!

I went up to my friend Andrew's house again this year for a pumpkin carving party. We brought two pumpkins but it is always best to have extra. I've learned that I like smaller pumpkins as they are easy to carry! They had face painting up at the cashier and lots of Halloween cutouts to play with. Andrew had a jack-o-latern painted on his cheek and I am a kitty. I really like mine!

Tumbling class is great! I have lots of new friends. Mom watches from up there! We play games, roll down the ramp, swing on the bars, jump on a trampoline and in the end we always sing "Goodbye Gym Friends" and have treats!

Kindergarten Readiness

I was hoping mom said it was time for me to go to kindergarten but that can't be. I'm not five yet! I can't wait to be five! Then I get to ride the bus!

Mom called it something like "Kindergarten Readiness". That is a big word but I learned what it meant. I had to read eye charts and raise my hands when I heard sounds through the ear phones. I played with blocks and stuff like that. I just wanted to play with the other kids. We could have played way funner games then the adults can think up!

Mom said I did well and next fall I will get to ride the bus! How soon is that? Is that like tomorrow or next week? I'll keep asking!

Who would think the first of October could be this nice! Boston Scientific must be a smart company because this is the day they reserved the entire Valley Fair Park
just for people who work for them. Poppa rode the hot air balloon ride with me but after that he said I was on my own! He's not so good on rides. I liked the "Mild Thing"
the best and ran into other kids from school all day! "Little Connor" rode this ride with me-he's not my boyfriend-"Big Connor" is. I'm learning how to Hula. Momma tried to
show me but I'm not sure she EVER knew how! The most fun all day was the "ball factory" where you race around and collect balls in a bag and once you have enough you go
upstairs and shoot them at people trying to collect balls-like they did to me!
The last weekend in September is when my daddy's family likes to go camping. Some consider this a bit
strange but you know there weren't many bugs and the weather was great! We slept in our tent and everything.
People say it is "fall" but I think it is awful nice! I took a fishing lessons from Poppa but mom caught all the fish
and was a bit smug. She says to enjoy our walks now because we might be looking at the end of summer.
She is always saying strange things like that. This could never end!
Mom says this is the last weekend we could go to the Renaissance so off we went...again! I think we finally saw and did EVERYTHING!
Before stories with the Queen I had my picture taken with her and decided I could do the May pole dance. I even got front seat on the pony...bye Renaissance!
We visited the Renaissance Festival again (I want to go back another time yet!) dad went this time so he could take a picture of me with mama.
I visited with a unicorn before story hour with the queen who told a story about a scarey dragon that upsets her guard! Lady Spicer is my favorite!
Volunteering to stand and watch beautiful maidens dance around you is fine until someone gets bound to a pole!
no one told poppa how this dance ends! we had to go rescue him!
The Renaissance is a great place for a princess! I had my face painted, was in a fashion show, rode the pony ride and caught up with Twig-my favorite fairy!
We saw the joust too! I liked the white horse but he didn't carry a knight he carried a king's emissary.
My knight was Sir Robert. He didn't fight fair but he won!
I thought Queen Margaret was very proper until I went to her Birthday Tea..she is really quite silly!
Dad didn't think he'd enjoy a "High Tea" but mom says he would have enjoyed the entertainment!
We went to the Minnesota Zoo on Labor Day weekend too! I really liked clowning around on the statues but the animals were ok too. The Giraffe looked
just like the ones I saw in Florida. They are visiting from another zoo and go home next week. There were Ostriches, Zebras and other African animals in
the pasture. We saw the bird and dolphin show as well as riding the monorail. It was a little rainy but I had my Dora poncho and was all set!
Mom and I were jump judges at the Trott Brook Horse Trials but I got to wear the whistle. Mom says horses jump these jumps but I don't see any!
My favorite is Domingo. He has spots. He's going to be mine someday. Don't tell dad!
And of course what is a fair if not for the rides! I rode the balloon and spun in circles, the bumble bee you had to pull back to go high,
the jeep the bounced around, the chair that flew in circles and the ferris wheel took me to the top of the world! What a fair!
The butterfly exhibit is in a new building-it is nice! we saw butterflies coming out of their cacoons! It was pretty cool!
Then I was in a play..I was a princess...there were 10 princesses. Mom was a fox. The goblins stole the jewels she dug up but our magic spells got them back! the king was pleased.
At the little hands farm you plant your seeds, harvest the crops, milk the cows, pick the apples and pose with Chuck. I've done this before.
But I saw a calf being born at the Miracle of Life exhibit..that was very interesting...I have lots of questions about that!
I really, really, really wanted Lauren to come over for the you can see she can make for a fun afternoon! she is my silly friend and we are silly together ;-0
Dad's going on a trip this week so we took a picture together before he left...they made me hide the feather but I still have it! Mom wanted pictures with all the flowers too-they do smell nice!
Usually when it is really hot we head to the lake.

There are several lakes a few miles from my home but our
favorite is Turtle Lake because our friends like to bring their Jetskis there.

This weekend they also had an tube to pull behind the big jetski. I
wasn't sure I would like that but it was really fun. Sammy (my friend)
decided to jump off when we got close to shore and he was in trouble (again).

Both of us have been to lots of swimming classes and can swim but
he was just showing off.

We found Sammy and then I went out on the Jetski with poppa.
It was really hot out this weekend! the only time we spent outdoors was having a water balloon fight...I won...I think!

I took my pony to church for "Blessing of the Animals" Sunday.
She behaved very well and gave all my friends rides...after service.
For July 4th we visited Aunt Marie and I took the photo above.
I'm working on centering the photo a little better but like the
artistic effect. Momma caught the picture to the right.
We went to Como Zoo on 4th of July weekend-all the animals were sleeping-we spent most of our time in Como Land park. I had my face painted and loved it!
...they had lots of new rides! I haven't ridden rides since we were at Disney! I was kind of played out by the time we drove home so I let mom drive and I slept-
From time to time my emerging
photographic talents will be on
display on this web page.

I took a good picture of mom
and dad at Disney and now have
captured a pretty good shot of
mom and grandpa Carlson when
we visited on Father's day.

As often as I can get a good grip
on the camera you will see some
of my shots on this website.

I think I have potential!
Isabella, one of my friends from school turned 4 too! Our names are alike...she is Isabella and I'm Belle! She got lots of presents and a pinata-it was fun! Visit my birthday party here!
On Easter we visited Grandma-the Easter Bunny was there too and found all the eggs!!! I shared some with Grandma...