Finally my BIG 5th BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!

I had to wait a long, long, long, long time!
It is finally here! All my friends are coming to the Eagles Nest
We played for a little while and then the pizza came! Sammy, Lexi, Ava, Paige and Lauren were there for pictures and
my friend Kaisa showed up later along with my cousins Dalton and Karlyssa!
I did better this year at "pin the tail on the donkey" and wasn't even peeking...promise! We decorated our crowns and got tatoos!
Mom made a silly cake with one of the dancing barbies in the middle and everyone brought me presents!
Then we went out and played-sometimes we all stuck together and sometimes I sat back and watched-
I was right-Birthday parties at the
Eagles Nest are really fun!

There is plenty to do and we
all had a good time.


and that is how I turned 5!