When you are five...well, almost six!...you can do about anything!


OK-why is this in my 5 year old page!!? oh yeah, we celebrated my 6th birthday a week early because we would be in Disney for my "real birthday". This is just a "pretend birthday".

Seems like a real birthday! Lots of my friends made it. Some even came early and played with me before the party. Seems like everyone was ok with having pizza!

Then we all decorated (foam) easter eggs and easter baskets. My friend's mom made balloon animals and we played pin the tail on the donkey.

.After we had cake and I opened presents we had an Easter egg hunt. Thanks for coming everybody!

For my mom's birthday we went to the Landmark Center again to check out the St Patricks Day Irish activities.
The whole building is beautiful but the glass ceiling totally rocks! the dancers were great and could really make noise with their shoes!
Outside there are snoopy character statues all over to clown around with...the dinosaurs that were here have migrated I guess...
Look! it's wiggly! REALLY! How can I get it to fall out!
The secret is Cheetos! After 5 days that popped it right out!
Time to cash in with the Tooth Fairy!
This week at school we learned about teeth. I'm making a pair of dentures.
If you need any work done you just let me know!
I'm helping Lauren have a big smile.
I'm happy she is here to play!
It's hard to amuse yourself all winter! Winters are long. Thank goodness for bubble baths and puppy dogs!
Belle's "it"...
Dad's "it"...run, run!
I really wasn't sure...no-I mean I was really good
this year but I already saw him at my friend's last night...
Holiday Barbies!!! YEAH!! Liberating Barbie from the package
takes a long time-and a pair of sissors! Where did they think
she was going to run off to anyway?

I love the Nutcracker. It was the first Ballet that I got to see this fall and now I have a collection of 6 Nutcrackers! Wait there is more in my stocking! Merry Christmas!!
Twas the night before Christmas...and that means that at Church all the kids get to pick a nativity member and dress up in costume and go to the front of the church when our big part comes. Every year I play an angel. This year I considered being part of the herd of sheep but I just couldn't do it. How many chances do you get to wear a halo with wings???!

Then after the service we stopped through my friend Lexi and Ava's place to drop off some cookies and books that mom was done reading. I also wanted to show them the biggest icicle that I had ever managed to get into the car in one piece...it was from the south side of the church building. But then-guess what?! You'll never guess! Santa stopped by! He really did! for REAL!!! He knows everything! He even knew that he would find me at their house, that I wear a size 6 and my favorite color is pink!!!

He is the absolute best!


I can't wait until the candlelight service at church tonight! I get to wear my new dress!
It is the FIRST day of Christmas break and we get snow! Can it get any better than this???!
At school we had a Christmas concert! we stood on risers and everything! I know all the words of every song and even got to ring the sleigh bells!

Christmas is always fun with the Peterson clan.
There are three cousins my own age. To my right is Jadon and his older
brother David is to my left. Next to him is Alex and his sister is just entering stage left. She is my only girl cousin on this side and I bet when she gets a little bigger we are going to have lots of fun. The little baby Will was with his mommy.Wait there is a jingling at the door! Could it be Santa?

Santa dropped off a bag for us early!
This one has my name on it!!
How did he know?? The little petshop nursery!
Looks like everyone got something!
The entire littlest petshop collection!
Santa remembered little cousin Will
Uncle Paul can be as much fun as presents!
If I get this cousin trained in right she will be fun!
Natalie didn't have any dolls before-now she has Triplets!
She likes tools too!
Will just likes milk!
Adults just sit around and eat and talk!
Looks like everyone had fun!
Back and forth! Back and forth!
I still occasionally fall, that's ok.
This is my new friend!
Where's the tow rope!
Dad it's not that bad!
I thought you said go!
Of course I'm warm enough!
This outdoor rink in Rosedale is the world's largest artificial ice surface and is called "The Oval". My dad's company rented it for two hours and even some of my old pre-school friends came. I haven't seen Tori like forever! We are swapping kindergarten stories. I skated until way after my bed time!
Trick or Treat! Sorry Tiki no one has doggy treats!
This was voted "best house" hands down!
Pumpkin guts are gross!
We have so many leaves!
All the better to JUMP in!
I can stand in this pile!
Busy weekend! Today we went to
the Gibbs Museum click the logo above to see it all. For the
first 5 years they lived in a house
with grass on top! how cool!
I bet there were spiders!
There was a school house that was
moved to the property for the
museum. They had to go to school
too but it had a strange black board and
no computers in this class room!
There was room for 24 students.
I made a
candle by
dipping a
string into
beeswax like
20 times!
Then we made ice
cream by mixing milk, cream, eggs, sugar and vanilla and turning this handle...allot!
The mother of the Gibbs
family knew many of the
Dakotah from growing up by
Fort Snelling so they stopped
through the farm each year
on their way to harvest rice!
My friends Ava and Lexi introduced me to a great new place! At this park you can feed ducks, geese, llamas, ponies, funny furry cows, pigs and deer. The deer had pens too to keep us out but when they wanted food they jumped out to visit! Click their logo to visit.

just to the east of Taylors Falls Wisconsin
Last day at the Renaissance Fair for this year...
Can you tell that is my mom?! She is the fairy with purple hair and eye lashes! ! Sometimes she is silly like that with me!
This was the first time
that I saw a dead guy
that was the star of the
show! Ded Bob was
funny...for a dead guy!
At the end of the day a
beautiful enchantress was
dancing near the drum jam
that was trying to trick and
capture fairies...beware fairies!
Back to the Renaissance!
This time I'm a belly dancer
The Queen had time for stories this time!
She was able to tell us two stories! They were about a
fairy in a blackberry bush and the smart princess Beatrix.
We haven't seen this before!
Does his mom know he does this? fire & a tightrope?
The day isn't complete without a
hug from Lady Spicer!
We had a photo party at our place! it was fun! Visit all the shots here!
I am soooo ready!
Oh boy, the bus is at the neighbors!
Bye mom, I'm off to school!
I hope they are ready for me!
We got here in time for the opening cannon! That is a record!
I'm going to be a fairy today!
Lauren (my best friend) joined us and we had a great time on the rides. We rode the Picolo Pony and the swinging boats. It is great to have a friend come along!
With a friend you can pet snakes that you wouldn't want to alone!
We've come to the Renaissance lots of times but I've never ridden a camel before!
After having my face painted
I needed to take the pledge
to be good all day!
Of course we had to visit the secret garden and the trail where all the fairy houses are. I found a house that would be perfect for a little fairy like me!
We also ran into my favorite fairy
of all time! Twig is beautiful!
A day isn't complete without
a hug from Lady Spicer!
Lady Spicer even took a picture of mom and me!
The drum jam was a good place to work on my belly dance!
It's hard being the oldest cousin and
then the neighbor kid climbed in!
Can I get a little help around here?!
This is one of my second cousins visiting from Hawaii. Her name is Samantha.
Time for a break!
It's almost the end of summer.
One more week until kindergarten!
First thing you have to do at the fair is get your rides in! I have 40 tickets to burn! I also rode the ferris wheel with dad and did the big slide with mom! Boy 40 tickets went fast!
The little farm hands place is always fun. I fed my seeds, planted coins and even saw what real wool was like. In the end I earned my cereal..
The state fair is always a fall favorite. There is so much to see and do...and eat!

The butterfy house is one of the things I always have to do and cotton candy is one of the things that I always have to eat!

We also watched performers and visited the biggest boar. We saw animals of every color and smell.

We visted the miracle of life building again this year and while the cow was in "labor" things weren't moving fast enough for me so we moved on. We stopped back to visit cow #3505 later and saw the baby. It was cute.
It's that time of year again!
That's right the Renaissance Festival
is here! Pansy the Unicorn was there again!
It's nice being a personal
favorite of the Queen! She even remembered my name and we talked about school coming up
I always enjoy catching up with Lady Spicer as well. She has a special surprise for me next time we come. The day ended early when it started to rain and the faire shut down early!
My friend Ava went with me to the Minnesota Zoo. We had a great time and saw many of the same animals we have seen in the past like the Mercats, tigers and Ava's favorite the Prairie Dogs. But now the Minnesota trail is open so we saw some new animals like the Eagle, Puma, Lynx, frogs, turtles, fish and other animals that live right here in Minnesota!
After looking for a month we finally found the perfect dog. Her name is Tequila but I like the nick name of Tiki. She is either a rough coat Jack Russell or a Wire Fox Terrier. I don't really care-she is just cute!

Thank you Allyson and David for trusting us to take care of Tiki.

I've been dreaming of a dog to cuddle with, watch movies with and go with me on adventures.

I think we are off on another one right now!

See ya later!

Mom is starting to call them "Adventure Fridays" This time we went to the Kelley farm in Elk River. There is a really big beautiful house although it wasn't finished by the Kelley's.
As head of the grange he wanted to show that farmers could live and do well here.
There were lots of animals that were roaming the property like these sheep, pigs (and piglets!) and calves. There was a fence so they didn't get in the garden. We helped out by weeding the onions, doing the wash and "bringing home the rye". One piece of advice-the rye is really prickly and you shouldn't ride on the rye wagon in cotton dresses. Take it from me. By the time we were ready to go home we both had to wash our feet real good in the pump buckets!

Guess where we are now!? The cherry should give it away! we are at the Sculpture Garden by the Walker Art Center.
Most of the sculptures are pretty serious and we can't climb on them but one is a swing! That was our favorite!
Another favorite of mine is monkey bars...any monkey bars! These were in Loring Park. We saw the whole place!
We also quietly walked through St Mary's Basilica. It was very pretty. Another fun day during mom's time off
but this time I teamed up with my friend Ava.

Lauren and I also visited the Mill Museum in Minneapolis and learned about how flour is made and how it
was loaded onto boats and floated down the river. We had it so that nothing could go down this river!
We also went across the Stone Arch Bridge, played in parks and ate lunch at a nice place.
Then we went home and rode Goldie. Lauren likes to come riding with me.
I couldn't believe they let us onto the roof of the State Capitol! We could get real close to the
gilded quadriga called "The Progress of the State". I just call it the "golden horses"
Lauren also came and played in my back yard during my week off school!

Happy 4th of July from Fort Snelling!
This is the old fort at Fort Snelling. It has a nice layout but we were switching up the design
a bit in the classrooms and playing with the types of clothes they wore.
The soldiers marched around the parade grounds, blasted the cannons and put on a funny play
What makes you think
we were really going to
shoot it?

We were just kidding,

We haven't even found
the gun powder or cannon

Besides did you hear how
loud the cannons were in the
parade grounds!! Imagine how loud they would be here in the gun towers!


We also made flags that we could bring home! and that is exactly what we did next! HAPPY 4th of JULY!!

This is my soccer team. We are the HAWKS! we are pretty good. I think we won this game!
I know I look good in soccer gear but
you also have to play good.
Here I am playing defense. They can't get
by me to get to the goal.
At the end we all say congrats
and get treats. I like soccer!
The big day is finally here! I graduate from pre-school today. But I still come here tomorrow and
more days after that until kindergarten in the fall. These are all my friends in class with me.
First we all came in wearing our special gowns and hats. We had to sit without fidgeting (it is harder
than it sounds!) until our name was called. When my name was called I marched up and Jill gave me my diploma!
It was pretty cool. After that we hung out with our friends (my best friend is still Lauren) and had some cake. I ate mom's piece too!
Memorial Day week trip to South Dakota-

I didn't go to school the week after Memorial Day so we could go on vacation!
We had a great time in the Bad Lands and Black Hills. I woke up to mom slipping sweat pants on me and then was so excited I couldn't go back to sleep...well I went to sleep in my car seat after a few miles. When I woke up we were well on our way to South Dakota. We made it to the Bad Lands in time to set up our tent and hike before sunset. We headed onto the Black Hills the next day. Take the trip with us! Follow this link...
Welcome to the Kinderdance Dance Recital-here are a few things I learned, pointe, and 1st and 4th position
Mostly I like dancing with my friends like Paige and Gianna. First we stretch and warm up and then we dance ballet and tap.
My teacher is really nice she dances with us and at the end we got treats and a diploma suitable for framing!
I want to be a dancer when I grow up.
I got to wear my new dress
when I went to church with mom on Easter
there was an egg hunt
I was only supposed to find 5
don't tell-I found a few more!
To see how I turned five-Go to my Birthday Page!