Can You Believe I'm 6 Already?!!! 6 3/4 if you're really counting (like I am!)
I'm almost done being six!
Visit my "Trip to Tampa" webpages!
There is also a page for my 7th Birthday party which
was the weekend before my birthday...
so I'm really not seven yet. shhhhh.....
Now what is that crazy girl doing? Doesn't she know you can't walk on that stuff? It's too slippery!
This is real "pond hockey" in the backyard!
Enough snow melted and refroze as ice we have our own private skating pond!
The St Paul Winter Carnival was fun. It was really warm so the
ice sculptures were all melting! good thing the ice skating rink at
the Landmark Center wasn't a pond!
We stopped through the Science Museum too.
I was playing Dr. I guess even if you can't pick your own
nose you can swab someone elses! I could find a pulse on the guy too!
How does this Macarena dance thing go again?
I think I got it! I love the Sockhop!
I introduced Sundance to my neighbor Kaitlynn. She comes to play a lot so they need to get to know each other! She'll come riding this summer too.

We didn't want Goldilocks to feel left out
so we brushed her for a bit too!

Hi-my name is "Sundance". I'm a 7 year old palomino pinto pony about 13.2 hands high...that's 54 inches for you city folk. I might not be that big but I can keep up with the big guys and pack around little girls. I like the little boy that rode me last summer but think I'll like the little girl that lives here even better!
Here I am at a show last summer. As you can see my winter hair makes me look "fluffy".
I do pretty good in the english classes and can jump 2'6" but the boy could only jump cross rails. I hope this girl likes to jump too!
Santa bait...let's see if the big guy comes!
Yup! That worked!
I got some small presents...
and some big presents!
and a new outfit for each of my bears! I love them all! Merry Christmas!
The Peterson Christmas is finally here! YEAH!
I've always wanted to make a gingerbread house! Finally over Thanksgiving break I had my chance! Now that we have a picture can we eat it?
In skating class we are working on going backwards and turning around.
There are only a few of us in class.
I love trick or treating! The houses on this street are all decorated nice with pumpkins and stuff...wait this street is getting creepy! I think I'm turning around!
First you rake it into a big pile...then you jump in it...and then you do it again with a friend!
I'm so glad I can bike all over now! Today we are biking at the Coon Rapids Dam! the path goes right over it! and past a great playground and through some woods where we saw a deer! We also saw an Osprey catch a fish by diving in the river! What a beautiful fall day!
Finally-the last game of the season! I'm taking it down the field...but still no goal!
but no one scored when I was goalie either! Another medal and off to a birthday party!
Ok-this is REALLY
the last time at the Renaissance Festival
this year! This time I'm a gypsy! recognize me?
How does this keep happening
to him? You'd think he'd learn to keep the plunger away from "other guy"! This time it is really stuck! and really funny!
We really wanted to come today because Lauren could
come too! She came as a princess and came to the
Queen's Story Time with me. Lady Spicer always hangs with the Queen so was there as well. That was the BEST!
Lauren got a special coin tool! what a day!
Queen Margaret even got
to meet Lauren during story time. After that we the Fairy Queen tried to train the baby dragon.
Yup this is the new septic system. I can see why they call it a "mound" system...looks like a mound of rock to me! I don't really think this little thing can move it all but this big one should be able to do it!
Can I drive it...really? I'll be careful!
Off to the Renaissance Festival again! Now we've seen ALMOST all the shows. The juggler/firewalker/comic is really good!
We also took tea with Queen Margaret (we call her Maggie) that Dutches Diddle organizes. Boy does SHE have issues!
We did a little shopping (I love the big wind chimes!) and of course bid farewell to the Queen and Lady Spicer. Until next time!

I am soooo ready for school to start! I have the perfect outfit and somehow dad managed to stuff everything on the list into my backpack!

This year I'll ride in to school on the bus but stay after school at kid's club so I have time to play with my friends.

Well-that was the plan! my new teacher (Mr W.) is pretty cool but sent me home on the bus after school! Thankfully they called dad and he said I could be brought back round to school so I could play with my friends. I was just doing as I was told! that hadn't gotten me in trouble before!

I'm about the last kid to get on the bus in the morning so I had never seen anyone's house... now I know where they all live so it wasn't a total waste!

I always find Lady Spicer first at the Renaissance! or she finds me!
Story time with Queen Margaret is now in the Children's Realm. She had time to
tell us the story about how piggies got curly tails and about the beautiful princess
who outsmarted the dragon! I love her stories!
The wizard's daughter is also ta fairy! She is actually the Fairy Queen with the baby dragon!
We caught up with Twig mid-day. She is my favorite fairy!
Today most of the stage shows we saw had something to do with fire! Not sure why that was...hmmm
One last week before school!

No "Kids Club" this week so I get to hang out with dad! He has all sorts of adventures planned. This is the first time I've ever been out conoeing! Just like on the fair rides we keep going in circles!
Time again for the Minnesota State Fair! I sat looking at the business end of a cow for over an hour at the "Miracle of Life" building and she did nothing but breathe heavily! Action picked up down at the rides. I love the fun house and any ride that goes round and round! I even said goodbye to "Fairmont" one of the mascots of the fair on the way out!
I've been waiting for the Renaissance Festival for months! like 10 months!
One of the first things we need to is go to our favorite face painting booth. She does a great job! I got the full deal
but mom just got some fairy dots over her eyes. She is the silly fairy with purple hair!
Lady Spicer was there in her new dress, it is just lovely. It was the MidEast Mirage weekend so there were belly dancers everywhere.
I joined in during the Drum Jam at the end of the day with my new Money Belt! We went shopping and I found a new dress and
wore it through the gates where we finally saw Twig. It was a full day and we still have so much left to see! We'll just need to come back!
There were some new shows at the Renaissance Festival this year like the one in the Children's Realm about the baby dragon and the fairy
as well as old ones that we really like. "Bald Guy" in the juggling and knife throwing show always ends up with a plunger on his head.
We've never seen the Morris dancers before and they were fun to watch. Our knight "Sir Rodney" won the the joust and at least he fights fair!
The big puppets were there again and I wasn't quite as scared of them as before. I even touched one!
Every summer we go up to Aunt Coleens and Uncle Glens house. We fished from the dock and later went out on their boat to the sandbar.
I caught the most fish (as I usually do!). I caught sunnies, little perch and even a baby walleye. I also played with my cousins AJ and Natalie we had a great time!
Every summer I like to hit Como Town with my first best friend Lauren. We mugged for photos, played "water wars" with mom... we went on rides and had our faces painted. Later
we went to the play "Wizard of Oz" at the pavillion
I think we will always be best friends!
I was on THE BEST soccer team this summer! We won or tied all of our games! we learned a lot about soccer and had a great time together!
Valley Fair thinks I'm only 47 3/4 inches tall so I couldn't go on the big roller coasters but I could do lots of stuff like all the water park rides! Cool! I could still do "Ball Wars" and hula to the music. We could go on all the water flume rides too! It was a great day but boy am I beat!
Happy 4th of July!
The 4th of July is a time for sandcastles, friends, frisbee and fireworks!
Since we went to the "Taste of Minnesota" last night we just enjoyed "street fireworks" at Sammy's house.
Some were really loud, some were really bright and some were really pretty like these ones!

Today we all went to the zoo!
We saw Lions (well a mountain lion), Tigers and Bears (at the new Grizzly Coast exhibit).
The new exhibit had lots of new animals like Sea Otters and the cutest baby pigs!

The Dolphin show is always fun.
It ended up being my favorite show of the day.
You can pet the sharks if you want (I didn't!) at the one pool. Dad didn't know how to scare the cuttlefish so he'd change color but I thought it was kind of easy!

I'm as wide as a Great Horned Owl!
We saw lots of birds at the bird show-even a Bald Eagle! A funny parrot would come and take money from the audience. The blue McCaw is very rare and was pretty. It was funny when the rooster wouldn't go backstage until he found out that chicken was on the menu! Then he ran!
At the farm animals exhibit I got to go in with the goats and feed them. I hope we can have goats when we move to the country! Dad already said "NO" to the prairie dog idea...wonder why? There were lots of animals with babies from this spring like the Takin above, of course the prairie dogs and also the camels.
FINALLY! the day is here! I've been ready to be a flower girl for months now!
My big cousin Chris is getting married!
My hair took forever! and 100
bobby pins! but I am gorgeous!
I barely made it in time for pictures with Lisa and Chris before the wedding. Then I stayed with the other ladies in the dressing parlor!
Wait!!! I'm not ready!
Checking all the angles...
I'm good! let's go!
It's better when you wait with a friend...Reece is dreamy!
here comes the bride!
She is so beautiful and this is sooo fun!
Hugs with dad before dinner!
Sometimes I'm silly...
Dancing with myself-thanks dad-this is way more fun!
If I make this they have to kiss!
Reece can be so helpful....and sooooo cute!
I did it with dad's help!
This is my team...not sure if you noticed but yes, I was the only girl!
Before you play you should always stretch. At home I don't always use the t when I hit the ball. I do wish the helmets were a bit smaller! I also learned how to play the field. I'm pretty good at T-Ball now!
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