All of my friends could come, well they would only let me invite 10 friends to the Tamarack Nature Center and they could all make it! In the front is Sammy, Lexi, Chrisopher and Andrew. In the back row is Lauren K, Ava, Kelly, Erin, Lauren C, ME and Kaitlynn!

First we pretended to be an animal until everyone guessed what we were. Then we made that animal! There were bears, cats, a monkey, piggy, bunny, elephant, frog and even a monster!

I made a Jack Russell Terrier dog like my dog back home. All of our animals got a quick brushing and were dressed up for the party!


Then it was time for cake and ice cream! After that always comes presents! YEAH!!!
I had picked a Turtle as my mystery animal. She is a painted turtle and we could all pet her after we learned more about turtles. She could move a lot faster than I thought tutles could. Maybe she is a racing turtle.
The eggs were all in place...time for the egg hunt! Everyone had six eggs to find. Besides having candy and trinkets in the eggs there were also clues. You could use the clues to guess what your "mystery animal" was. Once you guessed you got that Webkinz animal! Great Party!!!