At the airport my front tooth popped wasn't even real wiggly! Good thing mom had my tooth box here...will the tooth fairy find me in St Pete?

Well I'm smiling because she did find me! this statue is in front of the hotel next to ours...I can't wait to see dolphins tomorrow! Today we are hanging out at our hotel...
Castle one didn't last too long...
ok we moved up the beach a bit...the tide shouldn't get us here!
time to fill the pool with water!
A pause for ice cream...
and more pool time! This should be an Olympic sport! Throw diving!
This is what our hotel looks like from the ocean.

You can't see our room, it looked over the pools.

It was pretty nice with a kitchen and a balcony.

You can click on the picture to get to their website.
A beach picnic and a sunset stroll...boy am I beat! Can we go see Dolphins tomorrow?