I'm seven now! (almost 8) Watch out-here I come!
I can't believe my birthday party is finally here! We went bowling! But we didn't just bowl, we also had a limbo contest, dancing and goofed around...a lot!
Mom made the "bowling alley" cake I designed
After bowling prizes and presents we went to the arcade...I like bumper cars!
Some of my friends wanted to play laser tag. I've never played it before and didn't think I'd like it.

They let mom, Lauren C and me go in and just watch. It was pretty cool.

If the other team hit you in one of your target zones they got points and you couldn't shoot for a few seconds. You also got points for destroying their station.

It was fun to watch but I don't think I'll play it, thanks.
Great party everyone!
Thanks for coming!
My cousins came to visit. We played in the house for awhile then brushed Goldilocks
Next we rode Sundance. Drew won the coin flip and rode 1st
Samantha rode next
Annabelle was last but didn't mind-she was happy anyway!
Next time I see my cousins I bet it is in Hawaii! Aloha! can it be soon?
I met up with my cousins at Como Zoo. I don't see them often because they live in Hawaii. The first photo isn't a cousin...it is a sloth. Mom had to take a picture of the sun-worshipping pose. It must be new for spring. The sloth was actually moving while we were there which is quite unusual. She only moves twice a day! My cousins and I moved all over the zoo! The Bison were playing in the snow! ever seen those things run? It was really funny...they were more like "bounding" kind of like a bunny! My cousin Samantha will be 5 in April. I wish she could stay and be my little sister. It took one group picture to get all our sillies out and then we could all smile nice.
Today is my best friend Lauren's birthday party for friends. The party was at Michaels. We decorated a canvas bag and played games.
Of course there was a cake and presents too! She had the silliest penquin cake! It was chocolate...who knew that Penquins are dark meat...
Tonight we made meal packets for "Feed my Starving Children". I scooped two ingedients into a bag. My mom held the bag for all of us to scoop the food into and weighed it. My dad helped pack it. All the teams that were working our shift made enough packets to fill the boxes behind us. After we were done packing we got to sample the meal that we packed and checked out an example of the type of hut many of the people live in that will receive our meal packets. Something tells me that they don't get cable either!
Time for the Sock Hop!
Poodle skirts are everywhere! I'm in a conga with my friends
and twirling with my buddy Lauren
my feet are sore! good night!
A day off school! Yeah! Mom took my friend Lauren and me to the Childrens Museum
the first thing to do is get all made up like the other kids!
The new exhibit has dinosaur eggs and
nest as well as lots of big ones
I made some HUGE bubbles...
and got the balls from here to there...
we clowned around with the shell
and had lunch b-4 heading home
We made an igloo in the back yard!
It was big enough to fit everyone...well except the pony...
Another Christmas! this time with the Anderson cousins
and still more presents. Christmas should go on all year and not just last three weeks!
On Christmas eve I set out "Santa Bait"
Cookies and milk plus carrots!
It worked again! The
stocking is plumb full!
Santa found "wings of Isis" flying through Egypt
mom made my
doll clothes
and dad played "Rock Band"
Merry Christmas!
On our last day at school before break we made gingerbread houses. My house had LOTS of frosting and goodies. Dad helped me a bit but I had my own ideas about just how things should be done because I have lots of experience with this sort of thing.
Mom helped some too and got my classmates to sign the book we gave the teacher for Christmas. Look at our village!
The Peterson Christmas party is finally here! Presents and more presents! I think AJ likes what we got him too!
Everyone loved the cookies but as soon as the presents were unwrapped we had to run
back because mom and I were in the Christmas at Peace concert at church!
You can mix 'em and cut 'em...
bake them just so....
but sugar cookies just aint sugar cookies
until little girls add the sprinkles and sugar!
Yippee-no school today! Mom and I have a chance to visit the Holiday display at Macys. The Christmas tree in the IDS center is huge! Mom made me this outfit-isn't it cute? comfy too! The "Santa's Workshop" display is the same one as last year but I still love it! Afterwards we had ice cream cones and I mailed my letter to Santa. I hope it gets there on time! and he can read my writing...

Go dad Go! Faster...faster!
The first sledding outing of the year might not have much snow but it seems to be the most fun for some reason!

We had close to 7 inches of snow on the ground but there wasn't as much on the slope so we added some with every trip up the hill.

By the time we left we had a great sledding run and a bit of a jump at the end!
Send more snow please!

Every year we try to get to the Oval in Roseville at least once.

The speedskating track is a great place to skate with friends but the skating sleds are the most fun. We took turns pushing each other around.

The bonfire is always a great place to meet up with buddies.

We joined friends at the Boston Scientific outing and enjoyed the cookies and hot chocolate party after skating.

Let's go twice this year! at least!

I'm ready-let's go!
This house, then that one, and then the next...
ok-bags full! let's go home!
Leaves are fun...
but funner when shared!
This place is sooo cool. I haven't been here forever!
But I think they remember me...
this one looks new, I had better introduce myself!
There is a foal with the ponies too...
I bet we can get the geese to follow us...yup...can we bring them home?
At least let me bring a goat! just the little one?
Maybe a Llama?
Berry Hill farm in Anoka
strangely has more pumpkins than berries. Maybe it is just the time of year.
We went on a wagon ride through the fields and the scrarecrow woods. The wagon dropped us at the field maze.

If we find and can carry the golden nugget we get to keep it!
One of the 48 scarecrows and tree gnomes in the friendly forest
At the maze we found
the tire first...
then we found the wheel...
this is a big place...
finally we found the nugget....mom, can
you lift it so we can bring it home?
looks like we found the fourth
thing...that's it! to the waterpark!
Last weekend of the Renaissance Festival and this time
we went with friends. The Queen of last year was paying
a visit and had a few words to exchange with the king...
Twig was there to greet us
as well and I collected my last
fairy stone for the year
My friends really liked Fawna's show and met Mrs Prickles as well as Flopsy, Mopsy and Peter.
My friends just had to see the joust! We got there too late to find a seat on the side so we were in the "cheap seats" where you actually have to stand!
The joust only lasts a half hour or so and standing was just fine and the view from the end of the arena was better than at the sides!
I think we will always take the "cheap seats"! we even get our own knight but he didn't win...maybe next time!
Another trip to the Renaissance
and another chance to see Lady
Spicer and be a "gypsy
Of course Twig is by the
front gates when you get
there as well
Didn't I mention that I now have
black hair for my gypsy costume?
I can wear it for halloween too!

We stopped in to the Fawna show again.
This time the electricity was working so we had music
with the stories like Hunka and Munka and Peter Rabbit

We made it down to the Jillann show. She does dance and gymnastics and counts on the audience to help out and participate.
I helped out during the show and afterwards she showed me how to do the two person sommeraults...Can we come back?
Next week is the last
time...I promise...
Mom and I received a certificate from the Renaissance Festival Fashion Police. I guess that means she did good job on our new outfits!
I've always wanted to pose
with the mushrooms!
I think they are super cute
There is sooo much to see but I think we have seen most of the kids shows once and a few twice!
I hope we come back again but in case we don't I wanted to say good-bye to Twig and get a pic-
"Merry Men" was another show that we hadn't seen. Robin Hood, Friar Tuck and Little John explain how they met and formed the strong bond and mission to "steal from the rich and give to the poor". Each of them had a very different memory of how the group came to be. Every disagreement seemed to result in one of them getting tipped into the pool and getting very wet.
I'm glad we didn't sit in the "splash zone"! It is a funny show...but if you want to stay dry sit in front of the gypsy stage-way to the left of the water! "Little" John makes quite a splash!

Fauna led us back to the cottage where the story time wrapped up

and the kids did some acrobatics. Great job kids! good show!
A new show that we hadn't seen yet was Fauna's show in the irish cottage by the petting zoo.
In the first box she had the apron, hat and pants lost by Peter Rabbit, Mopsy and Flopsy. Mrs Prickles had to pick them up launder and mend them. That made her tired but Fauna woke her up...she is a hedgehog that lives in the box!! we also met a parrot that was stolen by pirates and rescued! we also met two mice that live in a doll house.
We went on an adventure through the shephards green...
Back to the Renaissance for more hugs from Lady Spicer and to see the rest of the shows..we should see them all this time!
I gave Twig the little "Twig Fairy" that mom and I made. She is in Twig
colors ... I think she liked it!
My special treat this time was having my hair braided.
I picked the "5 strand braid junction". I think it works
perfectly with my circlet...
ok world...I'm ready!
I am sooo ready!
mom-promise-no pictures of the bus!
put away your camera already...
I'm in 2nd grade already! no more bus pictures!
First off a fairy has to get their face painting done!
This is the only weekend that I will have any face
painting done so I know just where to go.
She know just how I like it. I have to promise
to be good all day and eat my vegetables
but it is worth it!
I'm ready to start the day!
Twig was at the gate but the Spicers weren't...we had to track them down at the arbor where they were decorating for their vow renewal later in the day. We also ran into Pansy on the way back! I love unicorns!
The weather was perfect for fairies! Sunny and about 80 degrees! you guessed it...my mom has purple hair again! silly fairy!
The dragon baby was really quite naughty and the Fairy Queen needed some help to teach him manners...I think we all helped some but he still needs more work!
The vow renewal was almost like a wedding even though they were celebrating their 25th anniversary!
I got my hugs in too!
The bubble fairy saw me on the way out!
This is the way vacation should start! We are staying overnight at "The Edge" water park in Duluth then we are heading up to a place called the "Gunflint Trail".

I wonder if there will be a lazy river there or a hot tub?
I'm told that sometimes life is more about the journey than the destination. Not sure what that means but we sure had a great time getting to this "Gunflint Trail" place.
We visited my Great Aunt and Uncle (Jack and Gay) who have the BEST swing ever! Then we stopped at "Gooseberry Falls" where I got just a little wet!
Well-we made it to the "Gunflint Trail". I'll let you in on a secret-it isn't a trail at all anymore but a paved road! The only pool you will find there is a pool table and the fish aren't very big either...well at least the one that dad caught! Good thing I had Tiki along to play with!
"It is quite a climb but the view is worth it" as Hannah Montana would say!
Back at the cabin I learned how to play Clue-it is now my favorite game!
On the way home we stayed in Duluth a night again and walked on the north shore which is almost like the ocean! We played at the waterpark and then headed home. On the way we stopped in at my friend's cabin and played for a bit.
I had a great time-and I am ALMOST ready for school!
Time for the first weekend of the 2009 Renaissance Festival!
Twig and Lady Spicer met me at the gate!
I like to start the day off with a
"Breakfast Pickle"
Lord and Lady Spicer look splendid at the Courtly Dance
I went in my new Belly Dancing outfit so we started our day at the Gypsy stage! I picked up some moves and used them later at the drum jam! We went to all our favorite shows like "Tastes Like Burning Fire" and Tuey the Fire Tightrope walker. I can't to go next time...I think we will be fairies then!
It was finally time for "Kids Club" to go to Bunker Beach! I played with Erin all day but when my school group left mom and I hung in the wave pool for another hour!
The Pine County Parade starts with planes while my cousins and I wait for the thrown candy. Cousin AJ and Natalies mom was in the parade!
The new monkey jump at "Slice of Shoreview" was fun and I enjoyed the usual rides but it was spending the day with friends Lauren and Kelly that made it great!
All summer I was in a soccer league where I ran, and ran...and ran! I'm pretty good at moving it down the field!
I kicked the ball to Bailey-she scored!
I had a big weekend with my pre-school friend Lauren. We don't get to see each other very often anymore because we are in different schools but we got to spend an entire weekend together! on Friday we went to the new indoor playground at the Shoreview Community Center, played water games at my house (watch out dad!) and then camped out overnight! It rained but that was all right. We had more time to play in the morning while mom dried everything!
On Saturday our adventure continued up at the St Croix Park by Hinkley. Lauren's stepmom was camping there with her friends and horse so we went up to ride and camp with her barn group! Great Weekend!
At the Swedish Institute "Sommerfest" my neighbor Kaitlynn and I made flower wreaths, went to story time with the fairy and watched the may pole go up and then danced around it!
Every summer mom's Bell Choir group takes a summer trip. Last year she went to a festival so this year we went to Lynn's cabin.

My buddy Andrew was there so we had lots of fun. We blew bubbles, played games and even went fishing out on the boat!

Mom practiced bells a lot with her groups so we had time for our own fun and games.
The first day I didn't have any school was the first "adventure Friday"! Mom and I went to
"The Dells" with friends. We went on the "original Duck Boat Tour" and saw great rock
formations and deer too! We took a picture with the driver - he was funny!
Our hotel (The Wilderness) had three indoor waterparks. I liked all of them
but I especially liked the big bucket that dumped on your head. There was
also a wave pool park and one with more slides.
June 1st...first day of the last week of school and trip to the Mn Zoo! I couldn't wait! my mom got to be a chaperone (she kept track of my and my friend Reagan) It was great!
The butterfly tent at the Flint Hills Children's Festival was great! so was the play area, musicians and the parade-complete with dragons!
Look mom! Tadpoles! While jump judging the water jump at Otter Creek I hunted tadpoles-they were soooo cute! I had quite a collection!
What do you mean I can't bring them home?
Sundance is a LOT bigger than Goldilocks!
But he bahaves really well! Let's go!
Mom-I need another basket!
I love Easter lilies! HAPPY EASTER!
We've never made it out to Maple Leaf Orchard while the sap was running! This is the last weekend but we can still hear the steady but slow drip, drip, drip into the buckets. The sap is boiled for hours before it become syrup. Pretty cool!

The bees were also getting
ready for spring...buzzz

Ava and Lexi came over to visit Sundance. I think he is all brushed off... can we ride now?