I'm finally 9 3/4...I'm getting way better at fractions! Come see me when I'm at Spring Break or once I'm 10!

This is my entire grade ready to present our music program...don't worry, mom got close-ups of me!

I sang with the large group, with smaller groups and played my recorder! It was a fun day...mom even took some video.

The middle-school group at church had a ski-outing to Spirit Mountain planned for Presidents day..we just had to join in! It took a couple of runs before I had my "ski-legs" back and this time out I practiced some skills (like turning) instead of just bombing down the hill like last year! There wasn't much snow but they had made snow and put it just where we needed it! It was even above freezing and quite nice out all day! Hanging with my buddies at the ski-lodge and the many treats made for a great day on the hill! Hard to understand how just gliding down-hill can wear you out but we were done at about 3PM.
Tonight we went to a "Murder Mystery" dinner. As soon as I sat down one of the ladies (Amanda Lay) asked me if I would play a part in the show. They actually have a part for an 8 year old girl! My new name was "April Showers". I figured it would be easier for me to "get into character" than for someone that was say "out of elementary school" so I joined the cast. I just had to wear this silly hat (like an 8 year old would!) and read my sheets and do what they said. It really wasn't too hard. My dad had it way worse! they had him framed for the murder of the club owner! when he came out of the back room with "Lou" he had been stabbed and my dad was blamed! he did look guilty with Amanda Lay's lipstick all over his cheek! but it turns out he didn't do it...I knew who did it but by the time I came back to help my team they had already accused the newspaper columnist of all people! Anyways it was fun and it was fun to play a part!
Zero Gravity is a super fun trampoline play park! I think I'll have my Birthday party here! You can play dodgeball, basketball and jump into a foam pit too if you want. I think everyone will have fun here!
The Sock Hop is the best thing about the month of January! I have so much fun dancing and goofing off with my friends...not to mention a swirly poodle skirt, 25cent popcorn and orange pop!
We finally got to the Peace Church Family Retreat for a weekend of fun (and very little sleep). We skated a little on the lake but it was really bumpy and broomball worked out better!
We also played a ton of games and I even beat pastor Gary at Sequence! I didn't do too well at "Ping Pong Round the World" where a different player hits the every hit and circles the table.
Christmas with the Petersons was fun but no other kids could make it! I was the sole performer for charades and had a heap of gifts!
Christmas morning proved even more fruitful! More gifts followed on New Years Eve when we met up with the Anderson crew at least then
Dalton and Karlyssa were there and little Kylee. New Years Eve night was spent at the Larsons playing Apples to Apples, mom won big time!
Sammy is so silly wearing a tiara and being a "muscle man"...really Sammy?
We had about 6 inches of snow, enough to make snow angels and play a little but not enough for sledding...yet...I'm willing to wait...a week or so, anyways
Last game of the year, Spring Summer and Fall leagues and it comes down to teamwork, and victory.
The championship game was 3-2 in favor and I scored 2 of the 3 goals. One from a penalty kick and the other from the centerline!
Last weekend of Renaissance! we are in our new Fairy outfits, even my mom has a new outfit! My friend Reagan wore my old outfit and we caught up with favorite Fairies Jewel and of course Twig!
We did the court dances-again!
We played in the Naval Battle for the first time-we were part of the Spanish team-Ole! I dueled the French captain-
he tried to throw me off with his chivalry but I won fair and square-my sissors over his paper! Take that Frenchie!
The Fandazzi Uber Fire show was incredible! we could feel it from our seats!
Mom was pulled up on stage for the belly dance show! she had to dance with the snake and the knife case! she hammed it up! she was so embarassing! mom!
Even mom is all dressed up and we look grand! but no one looks as grand as Lady Spicer...of course except the Queen!
Finally we get to go to the Ren in our "Court Dresses"
I love to dress all up with my hoop skirt and fancy dress!
I do have one family line goes back to the Plantagenet kings!
We saw a few shows we hadn't seen yet this year-cousin "Poppy" now helps Esther with the
laundry! She got more than familiar with this poor volunteer! Those wenches have no pride at all!

The Raptor Center is now holding a great show-they talk all about how |kings hunted with hawks and falcons!

Mom and I also participated in two Courtly dance sessions. We learned many court dances of England, France and Italy!
I always wish farewell to the king and Twig-see you next week!
Lauren presented to the King...unfortunately I said "Ow" when Lauren pulled my hand...so I was presented as
"Ow" while she had the chance to change her name from "Sorry" to Lauren...now he will call me "Ow" all day!

At least Twig won't call me "Ow"...she doesn't speak at all!

The "Fighting Fairy Tales" are better with chocolate! you know? everything is!
Mom challenged me to a duel! you guessed it...I won!
That wasn't my only attack of the day! While I have my mom in front of a camera it is the perfect time to "give her a goose"!
her friend Melanie caught the whole "family moment" isn't it special to have family memories?!
OK dad, you can take this one shot before the bus comes...
but don't think I'm doing the bus photo anymore-C U at the end of the day!
Labor Day was perfect for a second visit to the Renaissance Festival. This time with my friend Kailey and Kiersten. They are identical twins...I can tell them apart but mom can't. That is kind of funny! first we saw Brother Paul and the Hypnotist (Kailey's favorite), then Tuey and the Danger Committee. We even walked through the secret garden...
We could even sit in the "splash zone" at the Robin Hood show! We had sooo much fun! Even mom had on her Belly Dance outfit!
After we watched the Caravan Belly Dance show Kailey was up for competing in the Belly Dance competition! I wasn't so sure about that but she pulled me on stage and I ended up winning! I had $50 to spend at the Belly Dance booth! SWEET! I bought Kailey and Kiersten each a fan and had enough left to buy a new hip scarf and earrings!
After that I couldn't stop dancing! I danced at the drum jam with both my wings and fan...Kailey even tried them out! then it was time to go...Twig sent us on our way...off to school tomorrow!

While up at Aunt Coleen and Glen's mom spied a tiny monarch catepillar. So cute! only as round as a pencil lead. We kept him in a pickle jar with milkweed

We found him on August 8th and he ate, ate, and ate! It only took one week before he hung from the top of the jar and built his crystalis. 10 days later he busted loose and was set free!
Time for the Renaissance Festival! Yay!!! First I need to introduce my friends Lauren and Kelly to the King. I think they were impressed. At noon we played in the Bocce Ball tournament. I had a couple of good throws like this one. My red ball is closer than any of their balls of blue so we get a point! We lost 15-6 and headed for the joust!
We saw a ton of shows with our favorite being the Danger Commitee. We ate lots of fun food and it didn't matter if we got dirty as we were just "mud girl" peasants.
Even so the Spicers love us just the same!
Sportin more attitude than sunscreen at our last weekend at Bunker Beach with buddy Lauren!
Tractor Shopping at the Pierce County Fair...
A little too small....
A little too big...
Grandpa agrees...this one is just right! how about it dad?
collecting some green apples for the ponys with dad...can't wait til we live here!
We always try to hit the Pine City Parade. This year my cousins were handing out Icee's with their hockey group. Later we went fishing, played a little dress-up, pretended to be zombies and at some point had a sleepover in a tent...in the bedroom! On Sunday we horsed around at the dock in a paddleboat (complete with spiders) and the water trampoline. AJ is just crazy! one moment he is there and the next...just gone!
Polo anyone? At the end of July the Polo Classic is in Maple Plain and mom got free Tix! After a few chuckers we need to go
"stomp the divits" and look for coins on the field...just divits and some apples...you know what I mean!
Ahhh...my own riding space! Where we are in here...and THEY are out there! Don't worry guys...maybe you'll have a turn next!
Happy 4th of July! We always go to the beach and then head to Sammy's for fireworks! This year we had sparklers and some good stuff on the street!
School's out for summer!!!! time to head off on summer vacation...Puerto Rico here we come!

Day 1
Beach, El Porto,
La Mina Falls

Day 2
Erin Go Braugh

Day 3
El Yungue

Day 4
East Island

Day 5
Old San
Day 6
Beach and
Day 7
Nature Reserve
Really we usually work pretty hard a school...it's just the last couple weeks that we goof off! like the roller skating party! it was a blast!
My cousin is here to visit! she is like the little sister I never had! what will she get me to do for her next?
The Flint Hills Childrens Festival is always fun...but funner with a friend! We enjoyed the butterflies, crafts, shows and just hanging out! the next day she helped me at the horse show too!
The second to the last Friday at school is always the year-end party! there is free ice cream and a petting zoo. It seemed like the Llama just wanted some "alone time" but I tried to coax it out of it's shell...it spit at me!!! I'll stay to the back side of these Alpacas just in case...nope, they seem safe enough! even the donkey was nice (though he brays loudly!). Even the goat was friendly. It seems like the Llama was the only one in a foul mood! Llama spit...ick!
OK you guys...you've come a long way! you started out so little and now you are so big and beautiful! you've even gone to school with me! it is time to be free...go along now! you can do it! FLY!!
We just couldn't wait until the Minnesota Renaissance Festival so on Memorial Day weekend we ran over to the Chippewa Falls Fest over near Eau Claire. It was the Celtic weekend so we wore our new "Celtic Knot" outfits. Very fetching. There were some new characters there like the Fawn and the Troll. We caught up with Jewel the Fairy and of course "Queen Katherine" our old friend Lolly Foy previously the queen at the Mn Ren Fest.
The court is much smaller than at the Mn Fest but just as colorful! Tuey came again and always puts on a great show! New this year was a fairy nest. I wanted to bring home a fairy egg but mom didn't think we should anger the fairies! probably a good point! They were everywhere!  
The joust here only has two knights and two horses. There are several jousts, each on a bit different and building on the previous event. They start the day with a cival quintain where each knight gathers rings and favors. Then they joust and start to argue. The troll only adds to the arguments! by the end of the day there is a "Joust to the Death"! of course our favorite, the blue knight wins!
The Wizard University was also new and quite fun. They had several classes during the day. This one was "conjuring a demon" where all the life force fairies (earth, air, fire and water) helped the head wizard control the demon and made him answer our questions. She had me help with one of the spells and it worked out pretty well. That makes me an "apprentice"...what does that mean again? Brother Donald was a pretty good story teller and always had a new story to tell!
Did I tell you that I'm a musician? Today was recital day at school...I played with the group as well as my solo...Mary Had a Little Lamb!
Finally it was my turn to have my book talk! I had chosen 18 different items to try to dye cloth with. Some worked better than others! I explained to the class how I dyed the cloth and then asked them to guess how well each item dyed cloth and what color it turned out.

I hung each piece of cloth on the board with a clothespin so by the time my talk was over everyone knew a lot more about dying cloth and the board was totally filled!
Dad! That isn't how you climb a tree! This is how you do it! My cousin Dalton figured it out too!
The best part of the "Fairy Festival" was the palm reader, Jewel the bubble fairy and having a day with my friend Lauren!
Indoor soccer was kind of fun! It was different than playing outdoors...like there isn't any snow! but seriously you get to really work on your skills!
I usually like Easter a lot because of all the candy! but today I have a tooth that is about to fall out and I haven't eaten anything much for two days! that is simply not fair! Apparently the Easter Bunny knew about my troubles and mostly brought me Squinkies and Littlest Pet Shop stuff! That is a smart bunny! Thankfully by the time breakfast was over the tooth had fallen out...I didn't pull it...I don't believe in that brutality! It simply needs to want to fall out and it does! It just takes patience...mostly on the part of everyone around me!

Finally a day off school! Dad took a friend and me to the Children's museum...you're still a child at 9, right? The frame was new and the Lego dragon is the current special display.