Day 1-Vacation in Ixtapa, Mexico
OK-this is the plan-get off to the airport at 6:45, drop off Tiki at the pet hotel and grab a flight to the quiet little town of Ixtapa in southern Mexico!

Should be about 90 when we get there with lots of sand and surf!

Can't wait to get started!
Can we go yet? I'm ready to fly!
OK! that was quick-this pool is great!
The waves are pretty strong here! but pretty!
The view of the pool, the view and the sunset view from our room are all pretty as well!
When you come up the elevators this is the view from the back of the hotel of the entry and tennis courts, harbor and golf course-swanky digs-huh?
I think we will just take a walk and hit the pool on day 2...come along!