We went to the mall shopping for something called a "trip"...mom bought lots of stuff!
She said that we will take lots of pictures while we are away and I'll tell you all about it when we get back! BYE!

At the end of February I went a visiting relatives...  

I played on Grampa's exercise bike...

and with my Aunt's glasses

I watched TV with Grampa

and on Sunday went to church in my fancy red dress
My Aunt Carol made me cool hats and mittens for Christmas...
mom said as long as it stays cold I get to wear them...I hope that is for a long time!
I'm not sure what I like most about Christmas....maybe the presents?
Time for fun in the snow!!! mom sent me out to find a turkey for Thanksgiving
I wasn't real sure about this white stuff....but I guess it can be fun!
Sometimes mom makes me wear dresses...
It's Halloween already! How big I've grown...  
I was "Piglet" at the pre-school party and ate my candy before lunch!
For trick or treating I wore a snazzy tigger outfit!
I think fall is going to be fun! But what comes after fall, I wonder....
What do you mean I have to give it back?
At the Otter Creek Horse Trials she did not win
the Sedgewick trophy...no matter what she tells you!
I wore a fancy dress to Uncle Jay's wedding. It was at the Como Conservatory-but I mostly ran around outside.
It was fun!
Labor Day weekend I met a pony I liked at the Trott Brook Horse Trials
I like Oreo cookies and they like me!
I play with the flowers in the yard...but I don't pick them
We often go to a local beach at Turtle Lake...I swim some but like to play in the sand and on the playground equipment
By August the flowers were blooming...and I can play in my slide set
We visited my great aunt Marie again on the fourth of July...I'm pretty squiggly but she finally got a good hold on me!

I finally found a hat I like!!!! Aunt Marie had a fun "dog" too!!

I asked "where did I come from?"
Mommy said from a company called Amazon...are you from there too?

For Father's day I wore a pretty dress and hat....

I'm not really big on hats, though-

I visted with my Grampa Wayne

And played in my "pool", it was a great weekend

At the Otter Creeek Horse Trials I checked out the tack trunk and saddle box-there were lots of pretty ponies too. Mom said I was a big help as assistant stable coordinator. She tells people where to go...
For mother's day we went to Aunt Deb's and Gramma came to visit-while she held Dalton I churned butter
even the neighbor girls came over-it was a great party!

One day I'm going to catch that duck! .....I can walk all around the yard now-and smell pretty flowers!
I had a pretty easter dress!
Poppa blew bubbles for me-
they don't taste good
I snuggled with Gramma Janice while we watched videos...I tried to distract Grampa Jerry and grab some more food!