This is about my big trip to Hawaii! Our big trip started on March 15th...but Mom and Dad have
been talking about it for weeks! Mom has been shopping even longer!

They've been pointing out planes going to Hawaii and said that I'd get to go on one too!

The airport was fun and there were lots of big and loud planes everywhere.Finally our plane was
ready and we found our seats. Dad carried my carseat (or throne) so I was comfortable on the plane!

This should be fun...except mom said I had to sit still for a long time-that is really hard for me!Dad
rented a DVD player and bought me lots of gifts to unwrap. Each one was a different toy to play with.
We also rented movies to watch and brought some of my favorites from home.

There were other kids on the flight too. They played with me and the trip passed quickly.

We visited the Zoo on the 16th. They had allot of animals there that I have never seen before!
A bird talked to me-that was strange-he had allot to say! He said aloha and that I was pretty!

My favorite animals were the lizards. We also saw tons of birds and monkeys.
After we passed through a dark tunnel into a small room a Cheetah walked by right in front of us! he was even bigger than our cat!


On the 17th we visited Pearl Harbor.

Oil droplets still bubble to the surface of Pearl Harbor above the USS Arizona, creating a vivid link to the pastOn a quiet Sunday morning December 7, 1941 a Japanese surprise air attack left the Pacific Fleet in smoldering heaps of broken, twisted steel. Here, peace was interrupted and paradise lost..

In hours, 2,390 futures were stolen, half of these casualties from the battleship Arizona. Behind the shadows of destroyed airfields, aircraft, and ships, America fought fear, and a determined enemy responding with an unrivaled war effort. An epic battle for democratic ideals and world freedom would bloody the fields of Europe and the islands of the Pacific over the next four years.

The USS Arizona Memorial as a national shrine symbolizes American sacrifice and resolve. Through national tragedy, a “sleeping giant awoke” and the United States moved towards its destiny as a global power

It took over an hour to get to the top. Glad we went in the morning because it is getting hot out!

We ate cookies and poppa kept drinking more and more water! What tired him out I wonder?? He kept repeating that I was getting bigger!

I'm going back to the hotel to take a nap 'cuz I want to visit the aquarium later!


On the 18th we climbed "Diamond Head", an old volcano on the edge of town that has a great view!

I walked part of the way and climbed the first 75 stairs but then poppa carried me up the others!

On a clear day, see the outline of Molokai in the east. Toward the center of the island you’ll see the koolau or mountains, and the views of Honolulu and Waikiki are simply spectacular. There are over 100 steps and dark tunnels through old war bunkers.

There is a pretty lighthouse by the shoreline-way down there!

The Waikiki Aquarium, founded in 1904, is the third oldest public aquarium in the United States. A part of the University of Hawaii since 1919, the Aquarium is located next to a living reef on the Waikiki shoreline.

If you click on the logo above you can visit their website. It was really fun!

The exhibits, programs, and research focus on the aquatic life of Hawaii and the tropical Pacific. Over 2,500 organisms in the exhibits represent more than 420 species of aquatic animals and plants. Every year, roughly 350,000 people visit the Waikiki Aquarium.

On March 19th we visited Hanauma Bay. I just want to play in the sand but momma and poppa wanted to go snorkeling too. As long as they keep the sand coming one of them can go out! Hanauma Bay is all that remains from an ancient volcano.

They wore funny masks and saw allot of the same fish that I had seen in the aquarium.
You can visit their site if you click on the pic.


Did I mention that we were going to my cousin Angi's wedding?
Aunt Debbie and Uncle Tim were there to walk her down the "putting green"
She was beautiful in a white dress and Flash looks handsome too...he'll be another fun cousin!
I wore a white dress was hard to be quiet and stay clean..but there were bubbles to play with!

Last day in Waikiki
The 20th was our last day in Waikiki so we spent allot of time at the beach. We also went to a craft and clothes sale in the park. Mom bought some clothes...looks like some of them will fit me! It has been fun here but it is very and I just want to lay in the sun and play in the sand. We went for a sunset cruise on a catamaran...wasn't sure what that was...but it is just a type of sailboat. Then we had a nice dinner with everyone.

We moved on to the Windward side of Hawaii on the 21st. It was cold and windy our first afternoon here. The next day was nice enough to play in the sand.

Here the water here is too rough to swim but I played in the sand and with my cousin Dalton. Daddy and uncle Jay rode the waves on a Boogie Board!

I guess they call it the Windward side because it is always windy!

So people have attached kites and sails to their surfboards! They go really fast. I wanted to take lessons...but mom said no even though she let daddy go out on the boogie board...and he didn't look real safe!

On the night of the 21st we went to a place where people kept saying "Aloha" and some girls wore coco nuts and grass skirts. They danced and played with sticks with fire on the ends! Mom said I couldn't do that at home.

They cast nets into the sea but didn't catch any fish...but they pulled a pig out of hole in the ground-I guess we are having pork tonight!


For a small Island there are allot of different places to go! The waves were even stronger on the North Shore and Mom held on to me tight!

There were lots of surfers! Dad didn't boogie board here!


I'll say Aloha from the Valley of the Temple where I fed BIG fish and a black swan!

After this visit we just packed up and prepared to fly home the next day.

Before catching our flight we drove down this side of the Island. Mom said at this point we had about seen it we caught the next plane home!