At 11 mos I get full run of the nursery at church!...this is some of the good stuff!

Valentines Day...came and went-I had to stay home sick with an ear infection-but by Sunday I was well enough to play
Ten months is fun too! I can try to escape from my crib!
At nine months you can take swimming lessons!
This is fun!
Santa came to the Peterson Family Christmas!
I got some toys and some clothes- I get to do this next weekend too? WOW!
At 8 1/2 months I met Santa and his reindeer-
I told him I've been real good and want lots of toys (he doesn't really have to know-does he?
At 8 months I visited Grampa Wayne and played with my horsey...
At 7 1/2 months I went to a "Packer Party"...but our team didn't win

Poppa said I should wear this cheese thing on my head-do I have it on right?

If you can't tell-I was a cow!
(Whatever that is!)
I'm almost 7 months now! I like to play piano and get fingerprints on bells!
I'm sitting behind the bell that I slept in at my first bell practice-I guess I am growing!
I'm 6 months now!
I can have fun with my toes...can you?
My thumb ain't bad either!
5 and a half months....
Sometimes I play with the doggy...but usually he runs...why is that?
I'm about 5 month's old now...
I like to stand and "walk".
Grampa Jerry took me out to the flowers-
Flowers are pretty but don't taste good...
Let's Party!
Sometimes when I'm not walking poppa helps me fly-
The new pack of cousins!
Isabelle on left, David front and center and the new arrival Jadon.
When they all get moving it will be like herding cats!
Tom already looks nervous!
At about 4 months...playing at home with "Leo" my pet lion on July 28th
At about 3 months...visiting Aunt Marie on July 4th
At two and a half months-Father's day...
At two months...
At one month...